Contact Centers: Change Agent Skills & Priority in Cisco Unified Contact Center Express

Contact center supervisors are able to change agent skills and priority using the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (CUCCX) Administration system. 
Note CUCCX works best in Firefox or Internet Explorer. 

  1. Login to CUCCX Administration system using your username and password.
  2. Click Subsystems on the menu in the upper left hand corner.
  3. Click RmCm.
  4. Click Resources.
  5. Click Resource Name to sort the list.
  6. Select the agent you wish to change.
  7. In the Resource Configuration menu, view the agent’s skills and skill level in the Assigned Skills box.

Adjust a Skill Level

  1. If desired, select the skill in the Assigned Skills box.
  2. Select the appropriate skills level from the Competence Level drop down menu.
  3. Select Update to complete the change.

Add an Additional Skill

  1. If desired, select an available skill in the Unassigned Skills box.
  2. Use the arrow to drag the new skill to the box for Assigned Skills.
  3. Select Update to complete the change.

Tips and Tricks

  • It is recommended to use skill level of "5" or higher. The higher the skill, the higher the priority is for the agent to get a call for that skill above other agents who are skilled with a lower number.  
  • These tasks are approved for use by supervisors who have reviewed this training.
  • Changes made in this system take effect immediately. 
  • Supervisors are able to access the system from off-campus network using the University of Michigan VPN. 


Contact the ITS Telecommunications Analysts for assistance with access, usernames, or if changing skills for agents negatively affects call center operations. 
Phone: 734-76(3-2000)

Last Updated: 
Tuesday, October 24, 2017