Two-Factor Authentication

This document provides instructions for changing your Duo options for two-factor authentication. This includes: add a device or phone number, reactivate Duo Mobile when you get a new phone with the same number, delete a phone number or device if it’s lost, stolen, or no longer needed, or rename your device.
This document provides instructions for downloading and installing the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device for for two-factor authentication (2FA).
This document provides instructions for reactivating or restoring the Duo Mobile app after you get a new smartphone or tablet. There are two options covered in this document: Reactivate. If you have an alternate method of Duo two-factor (such as a phone call ), you can use your smartphone or tablet to scan a QR code from your Duo Device Settings. If not, you can contact the ITS Service Center for an activation link. Restore. Get the app working on a new device without requiring a separate reactivation step.
This document provides instructions to resync a Duo Hardware Token.