M-Inform: Responding to and Viewing COI Meetings


A COI committee member or the COI staff can log in to M-Inform before a COI committee meeting in order to respond to a meeting request email and to review the agenda. This procedure will outline how to submit your response to the COI Office after receiving an email notification of a meeting and will provide an overview of the Meeting workspace in M-Inform.


The Meeting can be accessed via:

  • The Meeting link in the email notification OR
  • M-Inform Committee Member Dashboard > Meetings tab

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Click the agenda link in the email to log in to M-Inform.
    Note You may need to enter your UMICH Login ID and password.
  2. Review the agenda. (See the Meeting Workspace description below)
  3. Click Confirm Attendance or Decline Attendance.
    screenshot of Meeting workspace activities showing step 3
  4. Click OK to confirm your response.
    Note You can change your response later by clicking either Confirm Attendance or Decline Attendance again.


Accessing the Meeting in M-Inform

  1. If you are already logged into M-Inform, verify the Committee Member dashboard is selected.
  2. Click Meetings.
  3. Click the Name of the meeting to respond to.
  4. Click Confirm Attendance or Decline Attendance, then click OK. (see steps 3-4 above)

Meeting Workspace

Below is an example of a COI Committee Member’s Meeting workspace and a description of the fields.
screenshot of Meeting Workspace showing fields A - H

Letter Link/Tab Description
A View Meeting Click to display a summary of the meeting information.
B Activities Click to either Confirm or Decline Attendance to the meeting.
C Agenda Click the Agenda link to download and view it.
D Approved Minutes Click the Minutes link, if available, to download and view it.
E Supporting Documents Click the document name, if available, to downloaded to view it.
F Items Assigned to this Meeting Displays Lead Project ID, Lead Project Name, PI, Conflicted Individuals, Outside Entity, Project Summary, Management Plan, and Associated Records
G Reports Click to view Administrative Dispositions and Expedited Reviews.
H Attendees Click to view the Committee Members and Non-UM Affiliates who have confirmed/declined attendance.
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Wednesday, July 1, 2020