Restricting who can Email an MCommunity Group


Owners of MCommunity groups are able to restrict who can send email to that MCommunity Group. This document provides instructions for restricting who can email an MCommunity Group.

Note: Only Group Owners have the ability to set restrictions on who can email an MCommunity Group. MCommunity Groups default to anyone emailing the entire group unless at least one restriction is established, such as adding a Permitted Sender

Restrict who can Email an MCommunity Group

  1. Log in to the MCommunity Directory and click My Groups
  2. Click the appropriate MCommunity for which you want to restrict who can email the group.
  3. Click edit  in the Email Settings section of the MCommunity Group page. 
  4. Check or uncheck the options in the Restrict who can send messages to this group section. 
    • Members - This option will enable members of the group to email the group. If you uncheck this option, members will receive messages sent by anyone in the Other addresses field, but not have the ability to email the group. 
    • addresses - This option will enable any member of the U-M community to email the group.
    • To restrict anyone from emailing this group except for those designated in the Other addresses field(s), uncheck the Members and addresses options.
      Note: The MCommunity Group email defaults to open (i.e., anyone can send to it) unless at least one restriction is established, such as adding Other addresses.
  5. If applicable, type the email address of the individual you wish to add in the Other addresses field. You may add both and external email addresses.
    • If you add a address, email from the address (if applicable) will also be sent to the group.
    • Adding a group email address will NOT allow members of that group to send email to the group.
  6. As needed, add another address by clicking +Add Permitted Sender.
  7. If applicable, type the email address of the individual you wish to add to Who receives disallowed messages. This recipient(s) will receive emails sent to the group by a restricted sender with [Disallowed] in the subject line. 
    Note: Additional individuals can be added by clicking +Add Disallowed Message Recipient. If no one is added, any emails sent to restricted MCommunity groups will fail and the sender will receive a mail failure message. 
  8. Click Save
Last Updated: 
Wednesday, July 27, 2022