eRAM: Intake Form (INF)


This document outlines the process used by ATR/EMR Staff (animal Husbandry Technicians), Veterinary staff (Technicians, Residents, Faculty), and EMR Training Core staff to record the initial intake of a new animal arrival (or when weaned), enter data, and track information related to the intake, within Electronic Medical Records in eRAM.

Step-by-Step Process

Create Intake Form

  1. Select ATR/EMR Staff under My Roles.
  2. Click the Create INF button.
    • Husbandry technicians will do this for rabbits only.
    • Veterinary teams will do this for all non-rodent USDA species.
    • Training Core will do this for all cages in their colony.

The Intake Form opens.
Note All questions are required unless indicated as optional.

  1. Enter or select the Barcode.
  2. If applicable, check the Missing Barcode box, and enter Missing Barcode Notes including the PI and Protocol #.
  3. Verify or update the Current Room/Building.
  4. Verify or update the Species.
  5. Verify or enter the Receipt/Animal Arrival Date as (MM/DD/YYYY).
  6. Complete the remaining fields, as applicable, e.g., Breed, Date of Birth/Age Estimation, etc.
    • Please complete as many fields as possible.
    • Help text is available for some fields to help you answer the questions.
  7. Click Add to upload related paperwork or documents.
  8. Click Choose File.
    Note Use a simple description for the document file name. It will automatically be associated with Clinical #/PI/Species and date stamp, so these do not need to be included in the file name.
  9. Select the Document Type.
  10. If applicable, enter or select the Date Completed.
  11. Click OK or OK and Add Another.
  12. Click Finish when complete.

The INF is saved and the Intake Form workspace will display.

A Clinical ID number (CLN #) Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is automatically created and assigned by the eRAM system.

Intake Form Workspace

The Intake Form (INF) workspace is the summary page for the collection of animal intake information. As intake information is entered and saved, data and details are populated on the Intake Form workspace.  From the Intake Form workspace, you can: 

Note  Activities and buttons that display depend on your role and the state of the INF.

Tip You may need to scroll right to see all the tabs and fields.

Letter Section
A Current State – Status of the Intake Form record. 
Note Once the Intake Form is saved, the State becomes "Closed", and the parent Clinical record State remains "Open".
B Overview and high level details about the Intake Form, including a link to the CLN, Barcode, INF Number (Action/Event AEV00000001), INF Creator, and Location.

Tabs – Tabs organize the Intake Form information into pages:

  • INF Info – Displays the details that were entered on the Intake Form.
  • Activity History – Displays all actions taken on the record from the point it was created and all changes made to the record. Each new visit creates a history row. Click an activity name to view more detailed information about the activity.
  • ATRs Created
  • Weight Chart
  • Schedule PE (a Physical Exam)
  • Barcode and Protocol Info
  • General Comments – Displays any comments entered by ATR/EMR staff.
  • Documents – Displays any supporting paperwork uploaded by ATR/EMR staff.

Activities – Use the Activities menu to update intake-related information. 

  • Post General Comment
  • Update INF (the Intake Form itself) - use to correct immediate errors. 
    Important Don't continually update the INF throughout the Clinical history.
  • Maintain Documents 
  • Schedule PE (a Physical Exam)
    Note If a subsequent physical exam is dictated, schedule it as part of the intake process.

Buttons – Use to record animal events related to the intake.

  • Generate ATR (Animal Treatment Record)
  • Generate WC (Weight Chart)
    Note Weight should be recorded as part of the intake process.
  • Generate PE (Physical Exam)
  • Generate OTR (Other Animal Event)


Last Updated: 
Monday, March 4, 2024