Proposal Management: Search for Awards (Reviewers)


This procedure demonstrates how to search for an award using PAF Query Search and the All My Awards tab.


Role: Reviewer > Search

Step-by-Step Process

PAF Query

  1. Click Search.
  2. Click PAF Query.
  3. Enter the desired criteria in the applicable fields.
    • You may enter as many criteria as needed to refine/narrow your search.
    • When you enter more than one criteria, your search will need to match all entries.
  4. Click Search or press Enter.


  • A link to the AWD ID workspace will display in the search results.
  • Use Filter by to refine/narrow search results.


Role: Reviewer > My Home

All My Awards

Reviewers can quickly see all of their awards from this tab.

  1. Click All My Awards.
  2. Click a column name to sort.


This tab displays all of your department's awards that are active and pending with Related PAFs.

Last Updated: 
Thursday, June 2, 2022