eRAM: Request Breeding Sheets

Breeding Sheets are used to track animals that were bred in a lab. PIs/Lab Personnel can request Breeding Sheets from an approved protocol’s workspace.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Click Request Breeding Sheets from the approved protocol workspace.
  2. Verify the correct species displays.
    Note If desired, click Select to choose a different species. Only those species identified on the protocol will display.
  3. Select the appropriate Use Category.
  4. Enter the Number of Barcodes being requested.
  5. Select the Per Diem Shortcode.
  6. Select the Per Diem Rate.
  7. Click the applicable radio button to select a Housing Location.
    • Only 10 locations will display at a time. Click Next or Previous to view additional locations.
    • You may search for specific locations using the Search field above the list of locations.
  8. Click Finish.
    Note The request is sent and an Action Item is created.

Protocol Workspace > Action Items tab

Progress of the Action Item can be tracked on the Action Items tab in the associated protocol workspace. It contains three lists:

  • Open Action Items – Once created, the Action Item initially displays in this list as it is processed.
  • Verify Action Items – Once the Action Item has been completed, if it requires verification from the assignee, it displays in this list in the state of Action Item Complete. No verification is needed for Breeding Sheet requests.
  • Closed Action Items – Once the Action Item has been completed and closed, it displays in this list in the state of Action Item Closed.
Last Updated: 
Wednesday, September 4, 2019