Create and Maintain Membership for an Access Policy Group in Grouper


This document provides instructions on how to create and maintain membership for Access Policy groups in Grouper. See Create an Access Policy Group for a New Application in Grouper if you have not yet created your group. 

Create Membership for an Access Policy Group

  1. Log in to Grouper at U-M.
  2. Navigate to the Access Policy group for which you would like to add resources/membership in the Browse Folders section and click to open the policy folder. 
  3. Click to open the appropriate policy group to add a reference group(s). 

  4. Click Add members to create membership with a new reference group once the policy group page has opened.
  5. Click search for an entity under the Member name or ID field.

  6. Enter search criteria to locate the required reference groups and click search for an entity.
    Note: For a list of the available reference groups, refer to the Root > reference folder.
  7. Click on the applicable reference group to populate the Member name or ID field on the policy page
  8. Click Add to add the reference group as a direct member of the Access Policy group. The members of the reference group are now indirect members of the Access Policy group. For a list of those members who are now in your group, select Has indirect membership from the Filter For: drop-down list and click Apply filter

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Tuesday, December 21, 2021