Proposal Management: UMHS Compliance - Review UFA


The following functionality is currently used only for the review of Data Use Agreement Unfunded Agreements (UFAs).

ORSP and Data Office for Clinical & Translational Research (previously UMMS Data Office) will determine if UMHS Compliance review is required. If the UFA is routed to UMHS Compliance for review, it displays in the UMHS compliance reviewer’s Home workspace Inbox.

Descriptions of additional workspace tabs and available UFA workspace activities are provided below.

UMHS Home Workspace

Ensure the UMHS role on the left side of your Home Workspace (My Home) is selected.

UMHS Home workspace

Letter Field Description
A Roles

Your available Roles

  • If you have multiple roles (e.g., PI & Project Team and Reviewer), click the role name to select that role. Your active role appears in bold.
  • The role selected determines what is displayed in your Home Workspace (e.g., tabs, listers, activities, etc.).
B My Home Click to return to your Home Workspace.
C Inbox Displays all UFAs assigned for UMHS Compliance review (state = UMHS Processing).
D In Progress Displays UFAs in the state of PI Sign Contract or Post-Active PI Sign Contract.
E In Negotiation Displays UFAs in the state of Negotiation in Progress or Post-Active Negotiation in Progress.
F UMHS Hold Displays UFAs in the state of UFA Hold or Post-Active UFA Hold.
G With Outside Entity Displays UFAs in the state of Awaiting Outside Signature or Post-Active Awaiting Signature.
H Active Displays UFAs in the state of Active.
I Name

Click a record name to open its UFA workspace.

UFA Workspace

The following UFA workspace activities are available to assist you in completing UMHS Compliance review. They can be found in either the Manage Data or Activities menus on the left side of the workspace.

Important information If the UFA record is still in the state of Project Team Action Required-Template Agreement, notify the Project Team that they must perform the Return Template Agreement activity in order for UMHS to be able to process the UFA.

UFA Workspace

Letter Field Use to...
J Manage Clinical Data Information Review/update clinical data information for reporting purposes.
K Manage Factors Review/update other compliance-related issues.
L Log Fully Executed Contract Log the fully executed contract and activate the project.
M Negotiation in Progress Indicate the UFA is being negotiated.
N Partially Executed Contract Sent to External Entity Log the submission of a partially executed contract with the external entity.
O Send to PI for Signature Attach contract (if ink signature is required) and send to the PI for signature.
P Post a Project Note Post a comment to the Project Notes tab, visible only to Central Offices. Includes ability to attach documents and specify email notification recipients.
Q Post a Comment for the Entire Project Post a comment to the UFA workspace, visible to anyone with access to the UFA. Includes ability to attach documents and specify email notification recipients.
R Place on Hold Place the UFA on Hold. Moves record to the UMHS Hold tab in the UMHS workspace.
S Reassign to ORSP Reassign the record to ORSP for processing.
Last Updated: 
Friday, July 28, 2023