eRAM: V2 Protocol Scope and Relevance


The type of research is selected and described on the Protocol Scope and Relevance page. When responding to these questions, please:

  • Use language that can be easily understood by a layperson;
  • Be specific for the activities proposed in this application; and
  • Avoid copying from a grant application.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Check the applicable box for the type of research that best describes the activities proposed.
  • Only one option can be selected per protocol.
  • Click the (question mark icon) to see additional information about the options.
    Protocol Scope and Relevance
  1. Enter a general description of the goal(s) or aim(s) of this project in easily understood language.

Note The specific and related details of the associated procedures (e.g., the doses and routes of administration and steps in a surgical procedure) will be provided in later questions.

  1. Enter a description of the project's relevance to human or animal health, the advancement of knowledge, or the good of society.
  2. Click Yes to provide assurance that the activities conducted under this protocol do not unnecessarily duplicate previously conducted activities.

Note  If you selected No, you must enter the rationale.

  1. Click Save or Continue.
    Note If your protocol is a renewal then an extra question will display to provide a brief description of how the activities proposed in this renewal will extend the previous studies and/or continue to advance the work begun in the prior protocol.
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Friday, December 9, 2022