Proposal Management: Acknowledge Changes


The Acknowledge activity is used to confirm that you are aware of the Proposal Approval Form (PAF) changes that have been made after your approval, and that you do not wish to suspend your prior approval.

These instructions assume that you are already logged in to eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM). If you are not familiar with the login procedure, refer to the Log in to eResearch Proposal Management.

You will receive an email notification regarding the change only if you have elected to receive notifications. Contact your Unit Liaison regarding your email notification status.


Role: Reviewer > Home Workspace

Step-by-Step Process

Review Changes (PAF changes since approval)

  1. Click the Approved tab.
    Note Make sure you are viewing the correct workspace by verifying the bolded Reviewer role under My Roles.
  2. Click the PAF Name to open the PAF Workspace.
  3. Click the Activity History tab and review the sequence of activities following your unit approval.
  4. Click Change Log to view the details of the change. Refer to View Details of Changes for more information.
  5. If applicable, click Display PAF Summary to view the change in the content of the actual PAF.

Acknowledge Changes

  1. Click the Acknowledge activity.
    Click the Acknowledge link next to the PAF on the Approved tab of your Home Workspace.
    Note The PAF is listed under both PAFS with Changes Since Approval and Approved PAFs prior to acknowledging changes.
  2. Click OK to indicate acknowledgment of changes.

The PAF is now listed once in your Home Workspace Approved tab under Approved PAFs.

Last Updated: 
Monday, September 16, 2019