This document provides instructions for configuring email clients to use ITS's authenticated SMTP server ( 
ITS offers a mail relay service that will relay mail on behalf of other machines, devices, and applications that are unable to use authenticated SMTP for sending mail. This document outlines the guidelines for using that service and provides a form that departments can fill out to register their IP addresses to use the service.
Several options are available in your U-M Gmail to help you reduce unwanted emails. For example, you can block mail from particular addresses, mute an email conversation, report spam, and use a filter to delete, report, or file messages automatically. Similar options are available to Michigan Medicine Exchange Outlook users. This document includes information specific to U-M Google Mail, such as Google Chrome.
If you are the target of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or eDiscovery request, you may need to gather what are referred to as "responsive" messages from email—that is, email messages in response to the request. This document provides instructions for doing that in Google Mail at U-M. First, you need to find the emails, then label them, then send them as attachments.