Add and Remove MCommunity Group Members, Owners, and Update Roles

You can update the membership of MCommunity groups that you own by adding and removing members. You can change who owns a group, and you can make a group moderated by adding moderators.


About Member Roles

Members can have one or more roles:

  • Member. Indicated by a checkmark under the person icon. This means the person is a member of the group. You must be a member of a group to receive email sent to it.
  • Owner. Indicated by a checkmark under the star icon. Group owners can edit, renew, and delete the group. If you own groups used for departmental or other university work, please add new owners if your role changes or you leave the university. Note that group owners must also be members in order to receive email sent to the group.
    Note: Moderator role is no longer available. Improved format of unpermitted email messages to Permitted Senders and ability to set one or more individuals as Receives Unpermitted Messages, or have them automatically bounce back to sender, has replaced this role. For more information on Permitted Senders and Receives Unpermitted Messages, see Restricting who can Email an MCommunity Group.

Add Group Members to an MCommunity Group

  1. Log in to the MCommunity Directory and click My Groups
  2. Click the appropriate group for which you want to add a member.
  3. Click Add Members in the membership section of the Group page.
  4. Type the uniqname or group name of the member you want to add in the U-M Member field and/or type the external email address you want to add in the External Member field.
  5. For U-M Members, check the appropriate checkbox if this member should be an owner of the MCommunity group.
  6. Click Save.
    Note: If you need to set your group so that only the group members can see the membership list, click Edit in the Settings section to select that option.

Remove Group Members/Owners from an MCommunity Group

  1. Log in to the MCommunity Directory and click My Groups
  2. Click the appropriate group for which you want to remove a member.
  3. Click Edit Members in the membership section of the Group page.
  4. Find the individual or group you want to remove from the MCommunity group.
  5. Uncheck the appropriate checkboxes to remove membership. Note: If the individual is an owner and a member, both checkboxes must be unchecked to remove them. 
  6. Click Stop Editing Members to exit edit mode.

View Group Membership

You must be authenticated/logged in to the MCommunity directory in order to view Groups. Group membership is never viewable when not logged in with a UMICH address. Group owners may choose to limit group membership visibility only to members and owners. To view group membership, log in the MCommunity Directory and search for the group you want to view. If you have permission to view membership, a list of all group members displays, including people with MCommunity profiles, people outside the university (listed by their full email address), and other MCommunity groups.

Search All Your Groups for a Person

Have you ever needed to remove someone from a whole lot of MCommunity groups at once when they changed roles or left the university? You can use the search box on your My Groups page to search all your groups for a particular person.

  1. In the search box on your My Groups page, type the uniqname of the person you want to search for in all the groups you own. This searches groups that you own directly, with your uniqname listed as an owner, as well as indirectly, as a member of an owning group.
  2. You'll see a list of the groups you own for which that individual is a member or owner. Click Remove on the appropriate group to remove the individual. Note: You will not see a confirmation on the Group screen that the individual was removed. Click the appropriate group and view membership to confirm the individual was removed from the group.

When Groups Own Groups

One group (a parent group) can own another group (a subgroup). When this happens, the members of the parent group have ownership privileges for the subgroup, but they do not have member privileges for that group.

  • Ownership privileges. Members (but not owners) of an owning group can edit, renew, and delete the owned group just as they can groups they own directly with their uniqnames.  
    Note: If another group is a member of the owning group, its members do NOT inherit ownership privileges.

If you want a parent group to manage subgroups but not receive their emails:

  • You must be a member of the parent group.
  • The parent group must be an owner but not a member of the subgroup.

Download the Member List

Group owners can download a copy of the member list of their group that can be opened in Excel or another spreadsheet program. The downloaded file contains email addresses, uniqnames, names, member type (person, external member, or subgroup), and whether the person is a member, owner, or moderator.

  1. You must be logged in and an owner of the group to download the member list.
  2. Click My Groups to find the appropriate MCommunity Group. 
  3. Click to open the appropriate MCommunity Group page.
  4. Click Export Membership in the Group members section of the Group page.
    Note: Depending on the web browser you use, the file may open in Excel, the file may be downloaded, or you may be asked to choose what to do with the file. If the file is downloaded but not opened, you can open it from Excel.
Last Updated: 
Wednesday, October 25, 2023