Device Configuration Tool: Activate a port



If you know the Switch Name/IP address and interface number of the switch the jack is plugged into (you can figure this out if you have access to your comms closet):

  1. Log into DCT
  2. Enter the switch IP into the "Access layer switch" field, then click submit. If you know the switch name but not IP address, you should be able to find the switch IP in DNS or on the building's Intermapper map (ref Using Intermapper).
  3. Locate the proper interface.
  4. Under Port Status, change to up. Make sure to assign the appropriate VLAN (ref VLAN Assignments).

If the jack is not patched or you don't know the IP address and interface of the switch that the jack is plugged into, submit a help request ticket and assign to ITS Service Center - ITS Network Operations Center. Make sure to include the room and jack number in your ticket.

Last Updated: 
Wednesday, January 4, 2017