Pinnacle: Adding Contacts in Pinnacle


ImportantGoogle Chrome is the recommended browser for Pinnacle. Firefox is also compatible.

This document explains the steps for adding contacts in Pinnacle. If a contact does not exist in Pinnacle, you must add them with these steps. You are not able to free-form add contact information in other areas of the Pinnacle system.


Maintenance > Contacts

Step-by-Step Process

ImportantAlways search for the contact before creating a new one. This helps to prevent duplicate contacts from being created.

  1. Click Create to add a new contact.
  2. Note:To edit an existing contact, enter search criteria for the contact, such as Last Name. Select the checkbox next to the contact in the search results and click Edit Selected.
  3. Enter a Display Name (Full name, i.e., Ariana Grande), First Name and Last Name.
  4. Enter the Start Date or select a date from the calendar icon .
  5. Click Save.
  6. Contacts profile screenshot
  7. Click the Communications link.
  8. Click Create.
  9. From the Type drop-down menu, select Primary Phone.
  10. In the Value field, enter the primary phone following the format (xxx)xxx-xxxx.
  11. Click Save And Create Another.
  12. Contacts profile screenshot
  13. From the Type drop-down menu, select Primary Email.
  14. Note:Primary Email must be selected to receive customer email.
  15. In the Value field, enter the primary email following the format
  16. Click Save.
  17. Contacts profile screenshot
  18. In the breadcrumbs, click on the contact's name.
  19. Scroll down to Departments and click Manage Assignments.
  20. In the Number field, enter all or part of the department ID, then click Search.
  21. In the results on the right, select the contact's department.
  22. Click the button to add it to Assigned Departments.
    Note:Repeat to add additional departments. You can also pick multiple departments at a time by pressing Ctrl while selecting.
  23. Click Save.
    Note:Notice the tiny + next to a field. Click to open it and display more information.
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Friday, September 21, 2018