Proposal Management: Sign PAF


Important All U-M Investigators listed on a PAF are required to complete the Sign PAF activity, and an investigator must have completed their annual M-Inform disclosure before they can complete the Sign PAF activity.

The Sign PAF activity can be accessed in either of the following two ways:

This procedure begins on the PAF Workspace. Refer to the following documents for more information on how to access/use the PAF Workspace and how to disclose in M-Inform:

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Role: PI & Project Team > PAF Workspace

Sign PAF Activity in the PAF Workspace

  1. Click the Sign PAF activity.
  2. Read the Outside activities, relationships, and interests related to this project and answer the question below it.
    Important A warning message will display alerting you if you haven’t signed your M-Inform disclosure within the last 365 days. Your M-Inform disclosure must be completed before you can sign the PAF.
    Sign PAF
  3. Enter the name of the outside entity or entities and a brief description of the outside activity/interest/relationship(s), if applicable.
    Note An answer is required if you answered Yes to the above question.
  4. Click Add to upload any documents, if applicable.
  5. Read the International Engagements paragraph and answer the questions below.
  • For guidance and definitions, see the information from the international engagements link.
  • If you answer Yes to a, b, or c, a note will display: “If you have not yet done so, you need to disclose the foreign talent recruitment program, appointment/affiliation, and/or monetary resources (2.a.b.c. above) in M-Inform and in sponsors' Current and Pending / Other Support documentation, if applicable. ”
    Sign PAF cont.
  1. Enter the name of the entity providing the non-monetary resource (2.d. above) and a brief description of the resource.
    Note An answer is required only if you answered "yes" to 2d above).
  2. Click Add to select a country(ies) providing the non-monetary resource.
    Note An answer is required only if you answered "yes" to 2d above).
  3. Read the Attestation.
    Sign PAF cont.
  4. Check the Sign the PAF box to electronically sign the PAF.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Verify that a PAF Signed line showing the Author and Activity Date displays in the Recent Activity list on the PAF Workspace.
    recent activity
  7. Click My Home to return to your Home Workspace.
    • If you are an investigator, the PAF no longer appears in the PAFs Not Yet Signed by Investigators list of your inbox.
      • If you are the PI, the PAF will stay in the PAFs Not Yet Signed by Investigators list until all investigators have signed.
    • If you are an investigator or PI, and the PAF has not yet been routed for approval, it will appear in the PAFs with Required Action list.
    • The Change Conflict of Interest Activity can be used to change the COI Statement at any time, if needed.

Sign PAF in the PAF Summary

  1. Click Display PAF Summary on the PAF workspace.
    Note The PAF Summary is displayed. It is a printer friendly version of the PAF. The PAF Summary contains:
    • All information entered on the PAF
    • All attached/uploaded documents (including supporting documents and final proposal documents)
    • PI/Co-PI Signatures
    • Unit Approval Signatures
    • ORSP Approval Signature
    • Routing and Submission Information
  2. Scroll down to the UM Investigator Signatures section.
  3. Click Sign PAF.
    PAF Summary
  4. Go to and complete steps 2-10 above in the Sign PAF activity window.
  5. Click OK on the PAF Summary window.


Last Updated: 
Tuesday, November 22, 2022