Managing MCommunity Groups and UMICH Passwords for Google Shared Accounts


Shared Accounts allow a group to have a U-M Google account that is owned by that group rather than by an individual. This document provides information about:

  • Managing the MCommunity Directory group profile associated with a Shared Account.
  • Changing the UMICH password used for a Shared Account.

    Shared Accounts

    Shared Accounts in U-M Google are used when a group needs a Google account for university business that several people can use and that is owned by the group rather than by an individual.

    For more information about requesting and using Shared Accounts, refer to Shared Accounts in U-M Google.

    Logging in to the Shared Account

    Using a Chrome Incognito window (or a different browser), log in with the account's uniqname and UMICH password.

    MCommunity Groups Associated With a Shared Account

    Each Shared Account has an associated group in the MCommunity Directory. When you request a Shared Account from the ITS Service Center, an MCommunity group for your account is created for you.

    The MCommunity group allows email to be sent to the Shared Account using an address. It also allows certain individuals (i.e., the MCommunity group's owners) to change the UMICH password associated with the Shared Account.

    It is critical that you keep the MCommunity group associated with the Shared Account active and renew it every year. If the group expires or is deleted, the account will no longer receive email sent to its address. (More details in the section below.)

    Some things you may notice about the MCommunity group profile for your Shared Account:

    • In the Group Details on your group's MCommunity profile page, the Rules Summary section will state that the group has not been sent to U-M Google. Shared Accounts are linked with an account in U-M Google differently from other MCommunity groups and are not synchronized.
    • The owners of the group will be the owners of the Shared Account.
    • One external member will be listed with an email address made up of your Shared Account's name and This external group member must be in your group for your Shared Account to receive email.
    • No individuals will be listed as group members. The Shared Account owners can delegate access to the account through other means. (Refer to Shared Accounts in U-M Google for information about giving people access to Shared Accounts.)

    Managing the MCommunity Group for a Shared Account

    Be aware that the MCommunity group is required to allow emails to be sent to the Shared Account. It is also required to give certain individuals (i.e., the MCommunity group owners) the ability to change the UMICH password for the Shared Account.

    1. Do not delete the group from MCommunity. If the group is deleted, the Shared Account cannot receive email.

    2. Do not delete the external group member. The external group member, an address ending in, delivers email to the Shared Account. It allows your Shared Account to receive mail sent to it at its address. If you delete the external group member from the MCommunity group, the Shared Account cannot receive email.

    3. Do not change the group settings. Do not make the group private/moderated or make any other changes to the settings. Such changes can stop emails from being delivered to your Shared Account.

    4. Renew the group on an annual basis. This ensures that the group does not expire. The group owners will be notified via email 90 days and 30 days before the group expires to remind them to renew it.

    5. Make sure there are always several group owners. The group owners can renew the group, add and remove group owners, and change the password for the Shared Account. Having several group owners makes it more likely that someone will be available to take care of these tasks as needed, even when an individual owner is away from the office or leaves the university.

    Changing the UMICH Password for a Shared Account

    To change the password for a U-M Google Shared Account, you must be an owner of the MCommunity group associated with that account.

    If you are an owner of the MCommunity group and do not know the password or want to update it:

    1. Visit the Google at U-M Request Form.
    2. Select Request a password reset for an existing Google Shared Account.
    3. Fill out any information in the form as needed and click Submit.

    Communicating Your Shared Account Password Securely

    If you change the UMICH password for your Shared Account, it is your responsibility to convey the new password securely to your Shared Account co-owners.

    It is most secure for you to convey the password verbally, either in person or by phone.

    • Do not send a password via email.
    • If you are on the phone, be sure you are speaking to the right person.
    • Do not leave the password in a voicemail that someone other than the intended recipient might be able to access.
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    Friday, February 16, 2024