Proposal Management: PAF/Project Workspace


Click on the name of the PAF/Project from your Home Workspace to view its PAF Workspace. The PAF Workspace is available for a PAF after it is created. Use it to:

  • View information:
    • PAF/proposal: Basic information, reviewers, activity history, comments, etc.
    • Project: Award information, award documents
  • View Current State of PAF/proposal/project: Proposal Preparation, Unit Review, etc.
  • Complete activities related to the PAF/proposal: Edit PAF Worksheet, Sign PAF/Conflict of Interest Statement, Route for Approval, etc.

PAFs/proposal packages/projects in eResearch can be viewed by:

  • Key Personnel (UM Principal Investigator, Sponsor Principal Investigator, Participating Investigators) listed on PAF
  • Administrative Personnel listed on PAF
  • Reviewers (departments with personnel, cost sharing, space, other commitments, subprojects/grants, administrative home for a project)
    • Reviewers & Reviewers Who Can Sign (Approvers) are set-up and maintained individually by each department.

Key Personnel and Administrative Personnel with Edit rights can edit the PAF Worksheet.

  • Reviewers can make or request changes once a PAF is in a Unit Review State.

Important Information

What can be viewed in the PAF Workspace depends on the PAF’s location in the routing and approval process (State). This document shows examples of:

Proposal Preparation State

Before a PAF is routed for approval it is in the Proposal Preparation State.

Letter Field/Button Description
A Current State Displays the location of the proposal in the routing and approval process. States include:
  • Proposal Preparation: PAF/proposal is in this state when being completed by PI & Project team.
  • Unit Review: Proposal has been routed to units for review.
  • ORSP Review: Proposal being reviewed by ORSP.
  • Submitted to Sponsor: Proposal submitted to sponsor by PI/Project Team or ORSP.
B Display PAF Summary Displays all information entered on individual pages of PAF Worksheet in a printer friendly version.
C View PAF Worksheet Allows you to view the PAF.
D Grants.Gov Forms If you have been given rights to view forms, you will see this link. In order to edit forms, you must be given rights to Read (view) & Edit forms.
E SF-424 Print Version Displays a printer friendly version of all information currently entered on forms.
After the forms are complete, successfully validated, and a PDF version generated, you can review all information entered on forms and attached documents. Documents are not interleaved in proper order, but will be submitted in correct order.
F Activities Displays activities that can be completed. Activities available are based on:
  • State of the PAF/proposal (i.e., once the PAF is routed for approval, the PI/Project team is given the option to make changes to the PAF)
  • Your role (i.e., only the UM Principal Investigator has the option to the Sign the PAF.)
G Tabs Tabs organize the PAF Workspace into the following sections:
  • Main – Displays contact information for PIs, Sponsor PI, the Primary Research Administrator, and the Direct Sponsor. See below for more information about the fields on this tab.
  • Contacts – Displays contact information for Project Personnel, Project Representative and Administrative Staff.
  • Activity History – Displays a complete list of the Activities executed on the PAF once the PAF has been routed for approval.
  • Attachments – Displays the documents that are attached to the PAF/proposal/project.
  • Hardships – Displays any Hardships associated with the PAF/proposal/project.
  • Subcontracts – Displays any Subcontracts (SUBKs) associated with the PAF/proposal/project.
  • Posted Comments – Displays comments that are attached to the PAF. These comments are permanent and visible to any person added as key personnel or administrative personnel or the PAF or have Reviewer access to proposal/project.

Letter Field/Button Description
H Title Displays the project title as entered on the first page of the PAF.
I PAF # Displays the ORSP number that is assigned when the PAF is created. You may see 2 different PAF # formats for proposals created in eResearch:
  • FY-PAF12345
  • FY-PAF12345-PRE (pre-proposals)
J Personnel Displays the contact information for all UM and Sponsor Principal Investigator(s), the Primary Research Administrator, the Primary Post Award Contact.
K Deadlines Displays the deadlines that were entered on the PAF.
L Project Administrative Home Displays the Department that is the Project Administrative Home.
M Related Award Links to an Award related for Renewal/Continuation or Supplemental Reqeust.
N Project Representative Displays the (ORSP) Project Representative.
O Sponsors Displays the Direct and Prime sponsor information.

Unit Review State

After a PAF is routed for approval, it is in the Unit Review state. It will remain in Unit Review until all required departments approve the PAF. The PAF workspace content is expanded to include additional information.

Letter Field/Button Description
A Workspace Messages Display under the Current State, if applicable.
B View PAF Worksheet Indicates the PAF is in a non-editable state (e.g., Unit Review) and the worksheet is read-only.
C Manage Data Certain data can be managed without putting the PAF into an editable state by anyone with permissions to edit the PAF or Reviewers from the Administrative Home for the PAF.
D Change Tracking Displays a log of all change activities, the name of the person who made the change, and date of the change activity.

Letter Field/Button Description
E Sponsors Displays Names and Types of Sponsors associated with the PAF/proposal/project.
F Routing and Approval Status Displays all Units that are required to review.
G ORSP Approval Status ORSP approval status displays after the proposal moves out of the Unit Review state and into the ORSP review states. The ORSP approval will be displayed here along with date approved and any pertinent notes.

Processing Award State

Once ORSP starts processing an Award, the PAF is available for reference only.  Nearly all of the activities and views on the PAF are read-only. All future correspondence and actions will occur on the Award.


Once an Award is Active, then the PAF State becomes Awarded.   At that point, the PAF record is available for reference only and the activities and views are read-only. All communication and changes to the project occur on the Award record. Refer to the Award Workspace.

Last Updated: 
Thursday, October 3, 2019