Duo and Append Mode

By default, when connecting to the UMVPN application (with a client other than the Cisco AnyConnect client) Duo will send you a push notification during authentication. If you want to use a different Duo authentication method you can use the Duo Append Mode which allows you to choose from the following options:

  • Use a passcode from the Duo App
  • Receive a phone call to numbers added to your account
  • Receive a new batch of SMS passcodes
  • Specify a different device (if you have more than one device assigned to Duo)

Using Duo with UMVPN when not using AnyConnect

  1. Launch your VPN client and Authenticate, using your U-M unique name and password.


  • A Duo Security push will automatically be sent to your default Duo device. Regardless of your settings, a push is sent.  If you do not have a device to push to you, must select an additional option below.
  • If you try to connect several times in a row without answering the Duo Push, you may get locked out of Duo and will need to wait 30 minutes or call the service center to have it unlocked.

Using other methods of Duo authentication

  • To use an option other than a push, you will enter your password, a comma, plus a keyword from the table.

Note:  Make sure to add the comma between the password and keyword with no additional spaces.

Example: umichPassword,phone

  • If you have multiple devices registered, you may add a number at the end of the keyword to select the desired device. Examples:
    • push2 sends a push request to the second phone in your list of registered Duo Devices
    • phone3 calls the third phone in your list of registered Duo devices.

Note: If you have a comma in your password this will conflict with the append mode and you will not be able to connect

push Perform Duo Push authentication. You can use Duo Push if you've installed and activated Duo Mobile on your device. This is the default method
phone Perform phone call authentication.
passcode Log in using a passcode, either generated with Duo Mobile, sent via SMS, generated by your hardware token, or provided by an administrator. Examples: "123456" or "2345678".
SMS Send a new batch of SMS passcodes. Your authentication attempt will be denied. You can then authenticate with one of the newly-delivered passcodes.

For the Duo documentation:https://guide.duo.com/append-mode.

Last Updated: 
Tuesday, September 14, 2021