Active Directory

Departments that wish to manage user or computer accounts in Active Directory can join the U-M Windows Forest as a delegated organizational unit (OU). During the process, you can refer to Naming Standards for the U-M Windows Forest for information on naming standards as you add accounts and computers during this process. To join the U-M Windows Forest as a delegated OU you need to work with ITS to complete the following steps:
This is a comprehensive list of the servers, including specific ports, which must be open in your firewall in order to access UMROOT Active Directory servers. Easiest Firewall Option—Use IP Address Ranges The easiest option for configuring firewalls to allow your computers to access UMROOT is to open your firewall to the following networks on all ports:
These guidelines apply to security logs, such as Windows logs, which capture security information associated with users of university information services. The guidelines specifically address requests from unit system administrators to access security log information associated with computers that are under their purview for troubleshooting purposes.