Document Imaging System

When you see this error, please contact the ITS Service Center. The following error is received when you are attempting to capture into ImageNow: "could not find an a-pws-application plan". This usually occurs when you have had ImageNow reloaded onto your computer or when you get a new computer.
Summary While working in WebNow users may encounter a blank page when attempting to view documents. Some documents may be coming into the Imaging system too large to display properly in the WebNow viewer. Note: If you are unable to login to WebNow, it may be a different issue; please contact the ITS Help Desk or your local IT department. Overview If you’re seeing a blank page in the WebNow viewer that is similar to the image shown, you can use one of the following workarounds. 
This error happens when capturing a document in ImageNow by drag-and-drop, or trying to view the document. When working with PDF's Adobe settings impact how the PDF is treated in the Imaging System and this includes browser settings for Adobe, even if using the Imaging desktop client (Perceptive Content). If using Adobe Pro X or earlier Note: These settings are for Adobe Pro X, earlier versions of Adobe might be slightly different in terms of the labels used by Adobe.
These steps are for both upgrading an existing installed client and for new client installations. (If you have an older version of the client already installed, the installation wizard installs the product accordingly.) Requires administrator level permissions. If you are on the MiWorkSpace service, this installation is completed for you by the MiWorkspace team. If you are not on the MiWorkspace service and do not have administrator level permissions to your machine, contact your local IT support team.
Overview DART provides a link to scanned documentation in the Document Imaging System. The documentation can include a biography, correspondence, internal communications, articles, planned giving and legal documents.
Deleted documents are available in the Recycle Bin for 30 days. During that period you can restore any documents that you deleted. The Imaging Services team can restore any deleted document regardless of who deleted it.
When opening PDF documents from the Imaging Desktop Application (Perceptive Content) one of the following Adobe Reader or Acrobat errors appears: "There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. If it is running, please exit and try again." "There was an error processing a page. An internal error has occurred." "The exception unknown software exception" These errors typically occur when Adobe Reader or Acrobat is running in protected mode. To resolve this issue, do the following:
Receiving this error message is common after changes have been made to a workstation, first logging in from a new machine, or after transitioning to a MiWorkspace machine. You need to create a Connection Profile in Imaging Desktop Application/Perceptive Content:
Requires administrator level permissions. This could be an issue with the Java memory (heap) size, which can be adjusted in the Java configuration program. To open the Java configuration program in Windows, go to Programs > All Programs > Java > Configure Java (or just search for Java Configuration). On the Java tab, click View in order to be able to update the Runtime Parameters:
To perform a document search, click in the Search in field to create a Search Constraint. (The Quick Search option is no longer available.) Select the appropriate Document View. Click anywhere in the Search in (selected view name): field located to the left of the Search button.