Proposal Management: Copy PAF Info to Form (Automapping)


The Copy PAF Info to Grants-gov Forms activity copies relevant fields entered on the PAF Worksheet, as well as standard institutional information, to the forms.

Important Information

  • To take advantage of copying information from the PAF to supported forms, complete your PAF before your forms.
  • You can copy information from the PAF to forms at any time. You may choose to complete the PAF Worksheet first and check for errors (Hide/Show Errors) before copying information.
  • Certain PAF questions are mapped to the forms. Data is transferred only from the PAF to the forms. You cannot copy information from forms back to the PAF Worksheet.
  • If you make a change to the PAF Worksheet, it is not automatically updated in the forms. You need to use the Copy PAF Info to Forms activity to update this information. It will not reset your forms, but only update the fields mapped for the PAF.
  • It is not recommended that you edit forms before copying PAF information. If you do, you may overwrite fields that are mapped from the PAF Worksheet when you complete the Copy PAF to Form activity.
  • Complete your forms as early as possible.


Role: PI & Project Team > PAF Workspace

Sign PAF Activity in the PAF Workspace

  1. Click the Copy PAF Info to Grants-gov Forms activity from the PAF workspace.
    Note You must run this activity in order to get PAF and institutional data into the forms.
  2. Check applicable boxes to select Forms to be copied, or check the top box to select all.
  3. Click OK to complete the activity and start your data transfer of fields mapped from the PAF Worksheet to the forms.
  4. The activity Copy PAF Info to Grants.Gov Forms is logged under Recent Activity.
    Note Use the Copy PAF Info to Grants-gov Forms activity to update the forms whenever the PAF Worksheet is updated with new or modified data.
Last Updated: 
Monday, September 30, 2019