Proposal Management: Assign SUBK Management


In some cases a subcontract (SUBK) associated with a PAF will be managed by a Principal Investigator (PI) other than the PAF Contact PI and/or a department other than the PAF Administrative Home. “Management” provides the ability to enter the SUBK worksheet and execute activities (e.g., SUBK submission, approval of the draft subcontract). In eRPM, SUBK management is recorded via two activities:

  • Assign SUBK Management – completed by the PAF Administrative Home
  • Accept SUBK Management – completed by the unit reviewer in the department to which the SUBK is assigned. Refer to the Quick Reference Card for Reviewers for more information.

Important Information

Upon unit acceptance, the work to establish the SUBK is transferred to the new department, but the PAF contact PI remains responsible for all subcontract activity associated with the project. The PAF Administrative Home department retains access to the SUBK.


Role: PI & Project Team > SUBK Workspace

Review the SUBK

  1. Click Assign SUBK Management from the Activities menu.
    Note This activity is only available when the SUBK State is Pre-Submission.
  2. Answer Yes/No to Will this SUBK be managed by an investigator other than the contact PI on the award?
    If select Yes, complete steps 3 –4.
    If select No, go to step 5.
    Note The PAF’s Contact PI, Administrative Home Department, and Administrators are listed.
  3. Select the Managing Investigator’s Name from the list of PAF Investigators.
  4. Select the Managing Administrator’s Name from the list of PAF Administrators.
    Note The investigators and administrators displayed come from the parent PAF.
  5. Answer Yes/No to Do you want to name a new managing department?
  6. Enter or Browse... for the managing department.
  7. If applicable, enter Comments.
    Note Comments display with the completed activity in the Recent Activity list on the SUBK Workspace and in the email notification.
  8. Click OK.

SUBK Assignment Information

After a SUBK is assigned, the PIs (contact and managing) and Administrators from both the PAF Administrative Home and managing department can view assignment information in two places:

SUBK Workspace

The SUBK Managing DepartmentSUBK Managing Investigator and SUBK Managing Administrator appear on the SUBK Workspace.

SUBK Management Email Notification

Email recipients include:

  • PIs and Administrators (PAF Administrative Home and managing department)
  • SUBK “Notifiers” (PAF Administrative Home and managing department)
  • PAF “Notifiers” (PAF Administrative Home and managing department)

Email content includes:

  • SUBK Management Assignments
  • Basic SUBK info and link to SUBK in eRPM


Last Updated: 
Thursday, September 26, 2019