SignNow: Uploading and Preparing a Document

Upload a Document

  1. Select either Start Uploading Documents Now or Upload Documents.
  2. The Open window displays.
  3. Browse and select the document to be uploaded.
    open file window
  4. The uploaded document can be found in the Documents folder.
    Screenshot showing newly uploaded document

Note: The page displayed in step one is only seen the first time you login to SignNow and have no documents uploaded. After documents are added to SignNow, the page appears as seen here, in step four.

Prepare a Document

Add Fields

  1. The document Name will appear in the subject line of email, please consider this when naming the document or template to avoid the email looking like Spam. A document can only be renamed before it has invitations.

Sign Now screenshot with Renaming highlighted

  1. To prepare the document for signing, fields must be added.
  2. Click the More dropdown next to the appropriate document.
  3. Select Add Fields.
    add fields screenshot
  4. Use the Tools section in the left column to drag and drop the desired fields such as Signature Field or Date/Time Field onto the document.
    sample document with fields added
    Note: All fields default to Required when added to a document. If a certain field is not required, click on that field in the document to open a new column on the right side of the document and uncheck the Required box.
  5. When adding a Text Field, a new column will open to the right side of the document. Enter the field name to display in the Label text box.
    ​Note: Best Practice for preparing a document would be to include a Printed Name field with or under a signature line.
    Text box screenshot

Note: When adding fields to a document, use the same Label on fields that will require the same input. For example, if there are several places on your form or document that require the signer’s company name, label each text field Company Name. After the signer completes the first Company Name field, their response will be auto-filled into the remaining Company Name fields as they click on these fields in the document.
Add fields screenshot

  1. Once all desired fields are added, click Save and Close.
    Save and close screenshot

Add Multiple Signers

  1. Click the document to open it.
  2. Drag and drop a Signature Field onto the document.
  3. Click inside the Signature Field box.
  4. The Signature column will open to the right of the document.
    signature sidebar screenshot
  5. Click on the Role dropdown.
  6. Select Add Role.
  7. The Add Role box opens. Enter the Role Name and click Add New Role.
    Add role screenshot
  8. Click OK
  9. Repeat for each additional signer. Note: Each Signature Field will be a different color for easy differentiation. 
  10. To add a Date/Time Field for each signer, drag and drop the Date/Time Field onto the document.
  11. Click inside the Date/Time Field.
  12. The Date/Time column will open to the right of the document.
  13. Click the Role dropdown and select the role that corresponds to each signer.
  14. Repeat Role selection for each additional signer. 
    date and time sidebar screenshot
  15. Once all desired fields are added, click Save and Close.
    save and close screenshot

Edit Signer(s)

  1. To change the Role Name or Signers Name, click Edit Signers in the Request section to the left of the document.
    edit signers screenshot 
  2. The Who is signing? window opens.
    who is signing box screenshot
  3. Click the signers or role name to edit.
  4. Click the trash can icon to delete a signer.
  5. Enter the Email address(es) for anyone that needs to be copied on the invitation. 
    Note: If all signers are in the same step, the invitations will be sent at the same time to each signer.
    To send invitations sequentially  (i.e., First Signer 1 signs, then Signer 2 receives the invite to sign), add additional signing steps. 
  6. When finished editing, click Save Signers.

Note: Additional Fields can be added to documents. These fields can be defined with the options on the right side of the page, the options are:
Tools screenshot

Create a Template

Upload a Document to a Template

In addition to creating a template, you can upload your document directly to a template which also allows you to save your signature set-up and resend the document over and over without having to recreate the document each time.

  1. Open the Templates folder in the Documents section on the left.
  2. Select Upload Templates.
  3. The document displays in the Templates section. 

Screenshot showing newly uploaded template

Creating a Template allows you to save your signature set-up and resend the document over and over without having to recreate the document each time. There are several Make Template options as seen in step #2.

  1. Locate the document to be used as a template. 
  2. For a new document with no fields yet added, click Make Template.
    Screenshot showing three places you can select to make a template
  3. For an existing document with fields set up, select the More dropdown.
  4. Click Make Template.
    make template screenshot
  5. The Convert Document to a Template opens. Enter the Template Name
    Note: Keep in mind the template name will serve as the subject line in the email request.
  6. Click Create Template.
    convert document to a template screenshot
  7. The document is now found in the Templates folder.
    templates folder screenshot

Note: If changes are needed to the template you can create a copy and make changes. (e.g. change number of signers)

Last Updated: 
Tuesday, June 15, 2021