eRAM: V2 Protocol Workspace Reference


The Protocol workspace is the home page for applications and protocols. From the workspace you can view application/protocol details, view the current state of the application/protocol, and complete necessary activities on the application/protocol.

The protocol workspace can be accessed by individuals attached to the application/protocol, including the Principal Investigator, Lab Personnel, other Personnel and Reviewers. Only the Principal Investigator and those with Edit rights can edit the application/protocol.

The protocol workspace contains many of the same pages regardless of your role. However, some functions and information on those pages may differ depending on the role. A few pages are role specific, e.g., Reviewer Notes.

The Main protocol page as viewed by the Principal Investigator is used as the example of a protocol workspace in this document.

Protocol Workspace

Letter Section
A Current State – Status of the application/protocol.
B Edit/View Application – Edit or view the application information. Only those users with Edit rights can edit the application.
C Workspace message – Important messages about the protocol may display here.
D Printer Friendly Version – View the application/protocol information in a single document.
E Training Information
View Animal Handling Details
 – Displays a list of individuals listed on the application/protocol, the animals the person handles, and their exposure to hazardous materials training.
F Activities – A list of various activities that can be performed on the application/protocol. The list of available actions depends on the state of the application/protocol and your role(s). The actions may include copying an application/protocol, deleting an application, submitting an application, adding comments, adding documents, approving the application, sending the application to full committee and submitting a review with questions.
G Create New User – Users with the PI designation can create an eRAM account for a new user. PI designation must be approved by the Animal Care & Use Office.
H Application/Protocol Title – The name and number of the application/protocol.
I PI – The Principal Investigator on the application/protocol.
J Tabs – Tabs organize the protocol workspace into the following pages. Some may display under the More... tab.
  • Main – Displays the high-level details of the application/protocol.
  • Personnel – Displays the individuals attached to the application/protocol, including role(s), appointment(s) and contact information.
  • History – Displays all actions taken on the application/protocol from the point it was submitted for review and all changes made to the application/protocol.
  • Funding – Displays the internal and external funding information, including sponsor, PAF, and Award state.
  • Animal Numbers and Transactions – Displays the number of animals authorized for the application/protocol and the remaining balance, by species.
  • Amendments – Displays all amendments made to the application/protocol.
  • Documents – A list of all documents attached to the application/protocol with links to view the documents.
  • Comments – A list of all comments entered for Lab Personnel, ACU Office, reviewers and EHS, including who entered the comment and the date entered.
  • Reviewer Questions – Displays all reviewer questions entered on the application/protocol.
  • EHS Safety Findings – Displays information related to Environmental, Health and Safety requirements.
K Status map diagram of the steps in the application process. Completed steps display in gray. The current step is a larger yellow circle. The End Protocol, Approved step displays in green.
L Recent Activity – A list of the recent activity performed on the application/protocol, including the action, who performed the action and the date. Click the activity name to view more detailed information about the activity.
M My Home – Click to return to the first page of your Home workspace.
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Thursday, January 19, 2023