Overview It is recommended that you use the Validate functionality to ensure all required fields are complete in a submission (e.g., protocol, animal use form, etc.) before submitting it for review. Any errors must be resolved before it can be submitted. In order to minimize the number of errors that display, you should not run Validate until you are ready to submit the submission for review.
This document reflects an older version. Please update your bookmarks to the new Validate guide. Overview
The process is essentially the same but you (as protocol editor or authorized signer on both protocols) will be filling out both the receiving and the donating information. Remember that only the Authorized Signer can see the Submit Form activity! For example, you need to donate some of Dr. John's animals to Dr. Lee, and you are an authorized signer on both of these PIs' protocols. You would first create a transfer type of animal use form from either protocol and select the role of that protocol as either donating or receiving.
Shortcodes are used for making purchases at U-M, including purchasing animals, equipment and/or other necessities related to eRAM protocols. The eRAM system facilitates the use of Shortcodes by providing functionality to request the use of Shortcodes from other individuals, and the transfer of Shortcodes between protocols. Within eRAM, Shortcodes can be maintained by a Principal Investigator, ULAM, or a Shortcode Manager who has been designated by a PI.
Summary of changes in M-Inform version 6.0.
Overview The landing page for your Home workspace is called the Action Center. Dashboards are targeted to different roles to provide quick access to key information in a central location. The dashboard keeps users informed by identifying critical and time-sensitive items requiring action, and access to easily resume tasks already started.
Overview COI Staff All active COI Management Plans are reviewed annually to verify the following: The conflict still exists. Individuals and their roles on the project or with the external entity are confirmed. Appropriate individuals have a role in the management of the conflict. Navigation COI Staff Dashboard > My Inbox | or Unassigned tab
Overview COI Staff There are various reasons why COI Offices may want to assign an Outside Entity (OE). If a discloser manually enters a company name, or if a new sponsor is added, it needs to be tied to an existing OE entry. This procedure outlines how to assign an outside entity ID in M-Inform. Refer to the ORSP Sponsor Request Procedure Reference Document to see how to request or change a Sponsor ID.
Overview COI Staff Research Certifications (RCs) ready for administrative review display on the My Inbox tab of the COI Staff Home workspace in the state of COI Prepare Documents. If COI Staff determine that expedited review is needed, the Committee Member assigned as the expedited reviewer will receive an email notification informing him/her that a submission has been assigned to them. Navigation COI Staff Dashboard > My Inbox tab