Overview COI Staff After the COI Committee has approved the meeting minutes, COI staff must upload those minutes. At the next COI Committee Meeting, COI Staff can review, approve, and upload the previous meeting’s minutes. Navigation COI Staff Dashboard > Meetings tab
Overview COI Staff With the Department role, COI Staff can view and export Department Administrator reports in M-Inform. Navigation Department Dashboard > Reports 
Overview COI Staff CARs are automatically created for PAFs and UFAs that require Conflict of Interest (COI) review; e.g. sponsored by a PHS agency, the PI has answered "yes" to the COI question, or where ORSP has indicated a potential COI. CARs are not automatically created for human subject research applications (HUMs/AMEs) or SUBKs. A CAR must be manually created for these projects, or the projects must be associated with an existing CAR.
Overview If a PAF was sent back to the Project Team for Changes or as Incomplete, and that needs to be rescinded, then ORSP PR or Staff can use the Revoke Change Request activity to cancel the requested changes to the PAF/Proposal or undo an "Incomplete". This activity is only available in the state of "ORSP Review - Project Team Making Changes". Important If a proposal is "Incomplete", revoking the change request restores the PAF status as "Finalized" and restores the PAF's ORSP Review Type.
Overview If a PAF is in a state of "ORSP Administrative Review", "Project Representative Review", "Signing Officer Review", "ORSP Approved", or "Project Team Requests Action", then ORSP PR or Staff can use the Send to Project Team for Changes activity to request changes to the PAF/Proposal, or to return the PAF as Incomplete.
Overview This document shows examples of the inboxes, tabs, and project listers that are available to track Awards in the Home workspace for Shared Services Center (SSC) personnel. Awards will be listed on different tabs depending on their state. Steps to Complete Account Assignment and Activate Award are listed below. Navigation Role: SSC > My Home
Overview Acknowledge is used to confirm that you are aware of the PAF changes that have been made after your approval, and that you do not wish to suspend your prior approval. This procedure assumes that you are already logged in to eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM). If you are not familiar with the login procedure, refer to the Log in to eResearch Proposal Management.
Additional Help HELP is provided on each page of the PAF Worksheet. If a question needs further explanation, it has a link to an Additional Help page.
1.1 Project Title Change the default value in the Project Title field to match your proposal title. The Project Title temporarily defaults to [Your Name New PAF Day/Date/Time] If your proposal title is more than 256 characters:
1.1.2 Long Title The Long Title is for proposal titles that are more than 256 characters.