Overview Laboratory animals are expected to be maintained under species-specific living conditions. Federal regulations specify the parameters for the following: a) social housing; b) temperature of room/environment; c) enrichment; d) cage size; and e) cage sanitization.  Species-specific standard practices conducted by ULAM staff adhere to the federal regulations.  Deviations from these standard conditions require justification.
Overview All projects must have an internal and/or external sponsor/funding source. PIs and protocol editors will be able to associate their protocol to multiple funding sources including grants. Users can associate to any grant in the eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) system. However, there will be a confirmation that the associated grant is applicable for the protocol.
Overview Humane endpoints, which contribute to refinement, are the earliest point at which pain or distress in an experimental animal can be prevented, terminated, or relieved. When pain or distress is a potential or expected consequence of any animal activity, humane endpoints must be established. Appropriate monitoring of all animals is required to address animal health and well-being before they reach their humane endpoints.
Overview During the review process, reviewers add questions to an application in order to request clarification on or additional information about the protocol. These questions are routed through the ACU Office Research Compliance Associate (RCA) where they are reviewed, summarized and then sent to the Principal Investigator (PI). The PI must make the appropriate changes and resubmit the application.
Overview Select the procedure(s) that will be utilized. Repeat the selection for each applicable species. Note Subsequent pages/questions only appear if the procedure selection box is checked.  All agents and substances (hazardous AND non-hazardous) that are administered or applied to an animal must be described for the activities described in this protocol. 
Overview The type of research is selected and described on the Protocol Scope and Relevance page. When responding to these questions, please:
Overview The Protocol workspace is the home page for applications and protocols. From the workspace you can view application/protocol details, view the current state of the application/protocol, and complete necessary activities on the application/protocol. The protocol workspace can be accessed by individuals attached to the application/protocol, including the Principal Investigator, Lab Personnel, other Personnel and Reviewers. Only the Principal Investigator and those with Edit rights can edit the application/protocol.
Overview Before providing details of individual procedures (e.g., surgery and substance administration), the IACUC must be able to understand what an animal will experience from beginning to end of a research study.  Step-by-Step Process Click Update. Note If no species are listed, they must first be added on the Species-Specific Animal Information page.
Overview Please provide the following information for the animals that will be used in the activities proposed under this protocol. If multiple species are used, the information will need to be provided for each species. Step-by-Step Process Click Add.