Overview Depending on the data of an SSRS report, users may have the option to search by an Approval Start and End Date Range, an Expiration Start and End Date Range, or both. Use the tips in the examples below when searching for protocols. Step-by-Step Process 1. Open an SSRS report with search fields pertaining to an Approval Start and End Date Range and/or an Expiration Start and End Date Range.
Overview This step-by-step provides instructions for participating in the Rodent Strains Shared List in eRAM, which aims to help sharing and collaboration of strains of mice and rats used in research on campus among PIs and U-M colleagues.  Participation in the shared list is voluntary. Contact the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) at (734) 764-0277 or email [email protected] for questions about participating.
Overview When a Facility Inspection Deficiency Action is completed by the responsible individual, it must be reviewed by each of the assigned Facility Inspector Reviewer(s) in eRAM.
Overview The eResearch Animal Management (eRAM) system upgrade to 5.0 (framework version 9.0), effective May 22, 2021, brings a number of user interface changes and navigation improvements to the smartforms for projects including Applications/Protocols (PRO), Amendments (AME), Use Forms (USE), Controlled Substances (CSR), Action Items (ACT) and more. Note This overview depicts Animal Application/Protocol changes in the examples, unless otherwise noted.
Overview All individuals who need to access the Animal Management protocol must be entered on the Personnel page. Personnel must be U-M employees, U-M students, or have U-M Friend accounts. Only the people listed on this page and approved with the application may conduct the animal experimental procedures. All questions must be answered and all fields filled out in order to submit the application.
Overview During the review process, reviewers add questions to an application in order to request clarification on or additional information about the protocol. These questions are routed through the ACU Office Research Compliance Associate (RCA) where they are reviewed, summarized and then sent to the Principal Investigator (PI).
Overview The Principal Investigator (PI) is the person responsible for the protocol application. The PI’s name and contact information must be entered before the application can be created and saved. Only one PI is allowed per application. All questions must be answered and fields filled out in order to submit the application.
Overview The Agent/Substance Summary page includes a “view only” list of all Agents and Substances administered to animals as indicated throughout the Protocol. Changes must be made directly on the corresponding Procedure(s) pages. For questions regarding the security, storage, and/or disposal of Controlled Substances, please contact the Controlled Substance Monitors for additional information.
Overview Compare functionality replaced the “View Differences” interface as of eRAM version 5.0 in May 2021. 
Overview Amendments are created for approved or suspended protocols when any part of the protocol requires a change. Depending on the type of change, the amendment may or may not need to go through the full review process. Important Information Personnel, Scientific, and PI Change amendments require updates to Animal Handling Details.