Overview Unit Administrator: Manage Departments, Disclosers, and Roles Department Administrators are responsible for maintaining the role assignments in M-Inform to ensure appropriate workflow for the review of outside interest disclosures within your unit, division, or department.  Your access also includes the ability to act as an individual’s disclosure proxy (i.e., Department Assistant) and send reminder emails in M-Inform to disclosers to facilitate the process.
Overview COI Staff The Post Private Comment activity allows COI staff to record their comments and/or add attachments, which are private correspondence to the COI office staff and committee members. The information that is recorded will be stored as a reference on the Private Review Information tab. The Post Private Comment activity is available on Research Initiated Certifications and Disclosure Certifications. Navigation COI Staff Dashboard > My Inbox | Unassigned | My In Progress | or Office tab
Overview Unit Assistant A designated Department Assistant (proxy) can update disclosures on behalf of individuals in their division, department or unit.  As a Department Assistant, you can complete most sections of the disclosure record; however, only the Discloser can certify having read the Training (for Annual Disclosures) and Sign/Submit their disclosure record. Definitions
Overview COI Staff After Administrative Review and COI Committee Meetings are complete, the COI Staff can record the Committee’s decision regarding the Research Initiated Certification in M-Inform.  Continue with the steps below to Record Committee Decision, and refer to the Upload Approved Minutes procedure.  Navigation COI Staff Dashboard > My In Progress tab
Overview COI Staff If ORSP requests an annual report to the sponsor, the Research Certification (RC) and the COI Administrative Record (CAR) will need to be reopened. The process for reopening a PHS RC/CAR differs depending on whether or not the RC is under management. Navigation COI Staff Dashboard > My Inbox | Unassigned | or My In Progress tab
Overview COI Staff In determining whether a potential conflict of interest exists during review of a Research Initiated Certification (RC), COI Staff may find it necessary to request additional information from the discloser. The Request Input activity is available for RCs in the states of Admin Review and Admin Review: Response Received. Navigation COI Staff Dashboard > My Inbox | or Unassigned tab
Overview This procedure outlines the steps to submit your response to the COI Management Plan via M-Inform after receiving an email notification to review it.  Disclosers/Conflicted Individuals If a COI Committee determines that a conflict of interest exists based on the review of your outside interest disclosure(s) and applicable Research Initiated Certification (RC), the COI Office will send you a COI Management Plan for your response via M-Inform.
Overview Active COI Management Plans undergo an annual review process at which time you, as the conflicted individual, answer a series of questions in M-Inform to submit updated information about the conflict situation to the COI Office. This information may include, but is not limited to:
Overview A COI committee member or the COI staff can log into M-Inform before a COI committee meeting in order to respond to a meeting request email and to review the agenda. This procedure will outline how to submit your response to the COI Office after receiving an email notification of a meeting and will provide an overview of the Meeting workspace in M-Inform. Navigation The Meeting can be accessed via: