Overview Research involving the use of controlled substances at the University of Michigan is strictly regulated. U-M faculty who obtain, store, and utilize controlled substances in their research must obtain, as applicable, a State of Michigan license and a U.S. Department of Justice – Drug Enforcement Administration registration AND record your approved license/registration (CSR) in eRAM.
Overview Action Items are created within animal use forms, amendments and protocols to notify a person or group of a related task. If the action item requires an amendment, the action item and amendment need to be associated with each other. When working with action items, there are activities specific to the assigner and the assignee, as well as activities that can be taken by both. When following the steps in this document, note the role(s) of the individual who can or must perform each activity.
Overview Amendments are created for approved protocols when any part of the protocol requires a change. Depending on the type of change, the amendment may or may not need to go through the full review process. Important Information Personnel, Scientific, and PI Change amendments require updates to Animal Handling Details.
Overview This document details the process used by animal Husbandry technicians and Veterinary roles to create an Animal Treatment Report (ATR) in eRAM.
Overview Principal Investigators (PIs) and Lab Personnel with the role of Protocol Editor or Authorized Signer can request the purchase or transfer of animals and report animal acquisitions or deliveries by completing the applicable Animal Use Form within eRAM. When completing an Animal Use Form, data is pulled directly from the protocol. Drop-down menus and selection pages display only applicable protocol information, including individuals, species and locations. Regardless of the type of Animal Use Form you are working with, there are three basic steps to complete:
Overview When exporting some custom search reports as an Excel spreadsheet, you may find it necessary to reformat cells that don’t correctly separate data with a delimiter (e.g., a comma, semicolon or colon). The following procedure demonstrates how to reformat data in these cells to include a delimiter. The following formula can be used to reformat cell data with a delimiter:  =SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(E2,CHAR(13),””),CHAR(10),”,”)
Overview Opening an SSRS report in Excel allows users the ability to customize and manipulate data to meet their needs (e.g., perform additional calculations; remove unneeded rows/columns, etc.). In order for an SSRS Report to display correctly in Excel, it must be exported as a .CSV file (comma separated values).
After the PI/Lab personnel completes the containment housing request, the facility managers will get an email alerting them to take action.
Overview This document details the process used by ATR Staff with an ATR Veterinary role to escalate an Animal Treatment Report (ATR) assignment level and assigned persons in eRAM.
Overview When a Facility Inspector conducts a site visit, they can enter findings or deficiencies for each room with notes or recommendations in eRAM. They can then create action items and send summary emails to responsible person(s)/assignees.