Overview This document details the process used by ATR Staff with an ATR Veterinary role to enter or update a visit recheck schedule for an Animal Treatment Report (ATR) in eRAM.
Overview During the review process, reviewers add questions to an application in order to request clarification on or additional information about the protocol. These questions are routed through the ACU Office Research Compliance Associate (RCA) where they are reviewed, summarized and then sent to the Principal Investigator (PI). The PI must make the appropriate changes and resubmit the application.
Overview Laboratory spokesperson(s) can be assigned to speak with IACUC facility inspections and AAALAC site visitors. Principal Investigators, PI Proxy, or ACUO RCA’s can use the "Manage Visit Spokesperson" activity to add, update, or delete spokesperson(s) for Approved or Suspended protocols. The information can then be viewed on the Visit Spokesperson tab of the Protocol workspace. 
Overview The Manage Pocket Timecards page allows Facility Managers to add, update, or delete a users Pocket Timecard entry.
Overview The Principal Investigator (PI) and Lab Personnel home workspace is the launch page for eResearch eRAM. From the home workspace you can:
Principal Investigators (PI) and Lab Personnel can complete a Containment Housing Request form on an approved protocol to arrange for use of Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) ABSL-2 containment housing facilities on campus.
Overview This document details the process used by ATR Staff with an ATR Veterinary role to post a general comment or document on an Animal Treatment Report (ATR) in eRAM.
Overview Depending on your web browser and/or printer settings, you may find that the standard Print icon on SSRS reports either does not function properly or does not display. This procedure is meant as a workaround for users who are having difficulty printing SSRS reports, and it can be used with any standard web browser.
Overview The Protocol workspace is the home page for applications and protocols. From the workspace you can view application/protocol details, view the current state of the application/protocol, and complete necessary activities on the application/protocol. The protocol workspace can be accessed by individuals attached to the application/protocol, including the Principal Investigator, Lab Personnel, other Personnel and Reviewers. Only the Principal Investigator and those with Edit rights can edit the application/protocol.