Overview Active COI Management Plans undergo an annual review process at which time you, as the conflicted individual, answer a series of questions in M-Inform to submit updated information about the conflict situation to the COI Office. This information may include, but is not limited to:
Overview A COI committee member or the COI staff can log in to M-Inform before a COI committee meeting in order to respond to a meeting request email and to review the agenda. This procedure will outline how to submit your response to the COI Office after receiving an email notification of a meeting and will provide an overview of the Meeting workspace in M-Inform. Navigation The Meeting can be accessed via:
Overview Ombuds, Monitors, and Other Approvers If a conflict of interest may impact students or junior faculty assigned to the project, or if the project requires additional financial, scientific, or data oversight as a result of a conflict of interest, the COI Office assigns an ombudsperson or monitor to the COI Management Plan. The ombudsperson and/or monitor must review and respond to the COI Management Plan in M-Inform, as part of their role. Navigation The COI Management Plan can be accessed via:
Overview Unit Reviewers are responsible for reviewing and acknowledging outside interest disclosures for all personnel in their division, department, or unit (as applicable) who are required to disclose. As a reviewer, you also have the ability to assign another reviewer to an individual (i.e., a Special Reviewer). This procedure is divided into the following sections:
Overview COI Staff When a discloser identifies a new company they are an owner of, or has a relationship with (via the COI question on a PAF or by the U-M Innovation Partnerships), the COI Office creates a Company Profile, and then prompts the UM Company Contact Person to complete the Company Profile in M-Inform for conflict of interest review.
Overview COI Staff If COI Staff determine during administrative review that a Research Certification (RC) requires review by a COI Committee, they must assign the RC to the appropriate review committee and add the RC to an upcoming meeting agenda.  Navigation COI Staff Dashboard > My Inbox tab
Overview Faculty and staff are required to disclose their outside interests annually in M-Inform per U-M, unit, and Public Health Service (PHS) financial conflict of interest (FCOI) regulations. Disclosing may include reporting that you do not have any outside interests related to your U-M responsibilities. Definitions
Overview Ombuds, Monitors, Other Approvers Active COI Management Plans undergo an annual review process at which time the ombudsperson or monitor answers a short series of questions in M-Inform to submit updated information about the conflict situation and their role on the management plan to the COI Office. Persons serving in multiple roles on the management plan must submit a response for each role.
Overview Research Initiated Certifications (RCs) created by the COI Office require the discloser to provide additional information about their outside interest disclosure by submitting responses to a series of questions. (See Submitting Information for a RC).  While reviewing the discloser’s responses to these questions, the COI Office may require additional information from the discloser. If so, the discloser receives an email notification containing comments from COI Staff and a link to the RC.
Overview Upon reviewing your outside interest disclosure, the COI office may request additional information in the form of a Research Initiated Certification (RC) to help determine if a potential conflict of interest exists. This procedure outlines how to submit your responses to the COI Office via M-Inform after receiving an email notification of a Research Initiated Certification. Navigation The RC can be accessed via: