Overview COI Staff COI Staff can update the Institutional Conflict of Interest (ICOI) flag in M-Inform for managed sponsors. The ICOI field is displayed on the COI Administrative Record (CAR) workspace. Navigation COI Staff Dashboard > Manage Sponsors tab
Overview COI Staff After the COI Committee has approved the meeting minutes, COI staff must upload those minutes. At the next COI Committee Meeting, COI Staff can review, approve, and upload the previous meeting’s minutes. Navigation COI Staff Dashboard > Meetings tab
Overview This guide will assist users attempting to see the status of their disclosure without reopening it.  Note You do not need to use the "Reopen for Edits" activity in order to view this information.
Overview Department administrators and department reviewers can view and export Department Administrator reports in M-Inform. Navigation Department Dashboard > Reports 
Overview There are various reports available in M-Inform for COI Staff to view and export. Navigation Reports can be accessed from the COI Staff Dashboard or from the top Reports tab.
Overview COI Staff CARs are automatically created for PAFs and UFAs that require Conflict of Interest (COI) review; e.g. sponsored by a PHS agency, the PI has answered "yes" to the COI question, or where ORSP has indicated a potential COI. CARs are not automatically created for human subject research applications (HUMs/AMEs) or SUBKs. A CAR must be manually created for these projects, or the projects must be associated with an existing CAR.