Overview U-M Google accounts are maintained automatically via MCommunity roles; individuals with multiple affiliations retain access as long as one eligible role remains. When all eligible roles are removed from an individual’s MCommunity profile, the deprovisioning process will start for the account. (If roll-off procedures are being initiated for an uncooperative departure, please refer to the section below for more information.)
Warning: You must contact the ITS Service Center to request a Discussion Group in the U-M Google domain. The Create Group button creates a Google Group outside of U-M Google that is not protected by our contract with Google. Discussion Groups are not MCommunity groups, and there is no relationship between them.
Overview Sending an email to a large number of people can have some negative effects:
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While ITS does not assist with importing email to third-party mail clients, you will find self-service instructions below for importing and viewing Gmail .MBOX files in Mozilla Thunderbird (free, open-source email client). Use this service at your own risk.
This document provides instructions for logging in to your U-M Google account from the web or a mobile device.
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U-M Google Group Calendars Overview Group calendars - for example, a unit vacation calendar - are created and shared by the owner as secondary calendars.  Best Practice We recommend that group calendars be created off of Shared Accounts instead of individual accounts because calendars owned by an individual's account would be deleted if that person is no longer affiliated with the university.
This document provides information about managing the MCommunity Directory group profile associated with a Shared Account and changing the UMICH password associated with that account. (Shared Accounts allow a group to have a U-M Google account owned by that group rather than by an individual.)
MCommunity Directory groups are synchronized to U-M Google and U-M Dropbox so you can use them when sending email, sharing resources, and collaborating. This document lists what parts of MCommunity groups are sent to U-M Google and U-M Dropbox.