This document provides an overview of the current features, functionality, and limitations of Google Chat to help you get started.
This document outlines how to access and use Google Meet on the web, in Google Calendar, and in Gmail.
Table of Contents Overview First Steps Export & Download Your Google Drive (My Drive) Files Export Your Google Data to a Personal Dropbox Export & Download Your Google Mail Export & Download Other Google Data Next Steps Overview
As part of the U-M Google Storage Project, ITS has created a transfer tool to assist faculty, staff, and students with moving data from U-M Google Drive and Photos to U-M Dropbox. This document provides instructions for transferring your data using the tool to U-M Dropbox.
Overview With the Microsoft Teams Meeting add-on, you can use Microsoft Teams to easily schedule, join, and customize meetings from Google Calendar. ​Important: Third-party apps may display advertisements, require additional terms of service agreements, have a separate privacy policy, or retain your information. For those reasons, add-ons/apps within the Google Workspace Marketplace are currently disabled for the University of Michigan domain, with a few exceptions, such as this one.
This document provides instructions for installing the "Zoom for Google Workspace" add-on, adding a Zoom meeting to a Google Calendar event, and customizing your meeting preferences.
Google Chat and Google Meet are the new versions of classic Google Hangouts at U-M. This document provides a chart that outlines how Google Chat and Meet compare to classic Google Hangouts.
Google Drive provides two locations for storing and collaborating on data: My Drive and shared drives. This document provides a table that outlines the key differences between U-M Google My Drive and shared drives.
Overview While U-M Google Drive is great for maintaining a shared document repository, ownership and permissions settings (including inheritance of these settings between top-level folders and their sub-folders) work in a very specific way.
Request a Mail Transfer Overview This is the process for requesting a mail transfer to copy email from one account to another account. The destination account where mail will be transferred to can be an individual user or a Shared Account. Please note that the Shared Account must be requested and created before initiating a mail transfer.