Important: This tool will not run on Mac. What is a PST? Microsoft Outlook users may create personal storage files (.pst) that contain archived email and calendar data. These files are stored outside of your normal mailbox on your local hard drive or shared drive. Information stored on PST files is not automatically migrated into Google and requires additional steps.
New Sites Features New Google Sites include a number of features that enhance your ability to customize your website. To further explore the feature differences between classic Google Sites and new Google Sites, see Compare classic Sites & new Sites.
Jamboard can be used to host live sessions, create and edit content, and control who can remotely access a "jam" (or whiteboard). The tablet app can be used to perform all of the editing tasks. The phone app and the web app have a subset of editing features. 
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U-M Google shared drives (formerly Team Drives), Dropbox Team Folders, and Shared Accounts in U-M Google are great for maintaining a shared document repository. However, there are important differences in feature availability and functionality between each. This documentation provides a table that outlines how the three compare.
Table of Contents Overview Clean Up Your Google My Drive Clean Up Your Google Shared Drive Clean Up Your Google Mail Clean Up Your Google Photos Overview
This document provides instructions on how to transfer ownership of files you own in Google Drive to another individual at the university and how to transfer ownership to a Google shared drive owned by a department/unit.
Overview Here are a few tips for navigating the spam label in your U-M Gmail account. This document includes how to:
This document provides information and instructions for the best ways to work with Google Mail (Gmail) in U-M Google.
This document explains how MCommunity groups work in U-M Google and how to use them.