Contact Centers

Overview The Contact Center metrics dashboard provides data on the calls made to the university contact centers. Each contact center is able to see their metrics and filter information by selected call queues. Training Session Recording
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) ensures that representatives who answer calls correctly logs into their own ACD group and not another group. Correctly logging into the appropriate ACD group also results in accurate statistical reports for each ACD group. Important Always use the Login ID and password on the phone located by the Make Set Busy (MSB) key. For additional help, contact the ITS Telecommunications Analysts.
Overview Below are the login links for Finesse, Reporting, and Administration. Each campus has unique links. Use those listed under your campus. For additional help, contact the ITS Telecommunications Analysts.
Overview Contact Centers are organized into different clusters. To determine your cluster, see Cisco Reporting Websites for Contact Centers. Set Up Your contact center must be setup to use this tool prior to use. To setup and to obtain your user ID and PIN, contact a Telecommunications Analysts. Step 1: Determine your Cluster Dial-in Number
Contact Center Open/Close Utility This utility allows supervisors to open or close their contact center during both normal business hours and after hour use. Set Up Your contact center must be setup to use this tool prior to use. To setup and to obtain your PIN, contact a Telecommunications Analyst. Step 1: Determine your Cluster Dial-in number from the table below:
Note: The initial setup of Zoom Phone Auto Receptionists (AA) for your unit should be completed by ITS. Administrators ONLY can change the auto receptionists settings. Both administrators and members should be Power Pack users. Content Auto Receptionists Access  Managing Auto Receptionists Settings  Auto Receptionists Profile Auto Receptionists Policy
NOTE: The initial setup of Call Queues (CQ) for your unit should be completed by ITS. Admins ONLY can change the Call Queue settings. Both admins and members should be Power Pack users to view the Call Queue Analytics. Call Queue users with admin role may need to know the Member functions as well to perform several tasks. Content Call Queue Access
As a Call Queue member, you view the list of call queues you belong to and enable or disable the inbound calls routed from a specific call queue or all call queues.  Enable or Disable Calls from call queues Note: If you have not already done so, Download and Install the Zoom App on Your Device and follow the instructions outlined in this section.  To enable/disable all calls from the call queues: