Overview U-M Dropbox is provided to active faculty, staff, students, and sponsored affiliates. Employees whose U-M employment ends will lose access. If you are to lose access, you will receive an email notice 30 days before your access ends. This document explains what steps to take before you leave the university and lose access to your U-M Dropbox account.
Overview With the Zoom for Dropbox integration, you can enable the ability to automatically save a copy of Zoom cloud recordings and transcripts to Dropbox. (There are additional features included with the integration. See Additional features below for more information.)
Prior to installing the Dropbox application on your device, you must log in to dropbox.umich.edu to create your account. IMPORTANT: You must first create your Dropbox account before downloading the Dropbox desktop application. The desktop application requires your U-M Dropbox account for setup.  To install Dropbox on your device, determine which type of device you have, and follow the corresponding instructions:
Request a Team Folder Table of Contents Overview Request a Team Folder Creating Naming prefixes Use of MCommunity Synchronization estimated times Sharing