MCommunity Directory

Return to LDAP Access to the MCommunity Directory Note: The Access column applies to the situation where you are looking at an entry other than your own. Authenticated access to your own entry/profile is the same as it is for you via the web interface to the director, except that not all attributes can be updated via LDAP.
This document describes the renewal and expiry policies for groups in the MCommunity Directory.
MCommunity Directory groups are synchronized to U-M Google and U-M Box so you can use them when sending email, sharing resources, and collaborating. This document lists what parts of MCommunity groups are sent to U-M Google and Box.
MCommunity is a directory and identity management system for the University of Michigan. This document describes some of the components of MCommunity (directory, Sponsor System, UMICH Password Hub, and more) and what they are used for.
In a moderated MCommunity group, messages sent to the group are received by the moderator, a person who takes responsibility for screening the messages.
Which information in your MCommunity profile is considered public and how to control the visibility of some parts of your profile.
MCommunity offers two privacy settings for groups. One lets you control membership visibility, and the other lets you determine who can send email to the group.
This document offers tips to help you find what you're looking for in the MCommunity Directory.
Set a message that will be sent automatically to people who send you email at your address.
This document explains the U-M Preferred Names Policy and its effect on your MCommunity Directory profile. It also provides instructions for setting a preferred name.