Remote Office Hours Queue

The Remote Office Hours Queue is a virtual queueing tool that allows meeting hosts to manage queues of attendees waiting to meet with them for private one-on-one meetings in person or over Zoom video conferencing. Hosts may select which of the 2 meeting types (in person and/or Zoom) attendees can select when joining the queue. This tool is for hosts who prefer to have one-on-one meetings with attendees rather than host office hours or other meetings in a group format. Hosts and attendees must log in to Remote Office Hours Queue using U-M Weblogin.

Note: Remote Office Hours Queue works best with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox (desktop or mobile).


Hosts can:

  • Create an unlimited number of queues, name the queue, add a description, open and close the queue
  • Control the allowed meeting types (Zoom and/or in-person)
  • Add other hosts to the queue to collaborate on the same queue simultaneously
  • Copy the URL of the queue to share with attendees so they can join
  • View attendees in line for their queue
  • View information about the attendee's meeting in the queue, including the attendee's name, uniqname, time they joined the queue, agenda the attendee has added (if any), and whether a host of the queue has been assigned to the meeting
  • Assign a host (assign myself, or assign another host of the queue) to each meeting to clarify who is helping/will help each attendee
  • Start meetings by clicking "Ready for Attendee" for in person meetings or "Create Meeting" for video conferencing meetings, moving the meeting into the Meetings in Progress section
  • Join the video conferencing meeting with the attendee, if Zoom is the meeting type selected
  • Remove attendees from the queue after they have been helped by clicking "End Meeting"
  • Delete attendees from the queue before they have been helped, if needed
  • Permanently their delete queue
  • Enable SMS notifications to a phone number of their choice to be notified when an attendee joins their previously empty queue

Learn more about using Remote Office Hours Queue as a host.


Attendees can:

  • Search for a queue by host uniqname or queue name
  • Navigate directly to a queue given a URL from a host
  • View the number of attendees already in line
  • Choose between the allowed meeting types (Zoom or in person) for the queue, if there are multiple; otherwise attendees join the queue with the only allowed meeting type
  • Join the queue
  • View an updated number of people in line ahead of them so they know when their turn is coming up
  • View what time they joined the queue
  • Add an agenda to tell the host(s) what they want to meet about
  • Join the Zoom meeting to meet with the host(s) once it is created by the host, if Zoom is the meeting type selected
  • Leave the line prior to their turn, if desired
  • Enable SMS notifications to a phone number of their choice to be notified when it is their turn

Learn more about using Remote Office Hours Queue as an attendee.

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