This document provides a summary of the updates that may be required when a Financials & Physical Resources System user moves to your unit from another U-M unit.
Access the Online Access Request System (OARS).
Only Approvers can upload batch requests.
Navigation Access the Online Access Request System (OARS). BusinessObjects Access Request BusinessObjects access is granted upon approval for a Data Set role.
Unit Liaisons typically do not request access removal for terminated employees. ITS automatically removes a terminated employee's access within two weeks of the employee's termination date in the M-Pathways Human Resource Management System.
Navigation Access the Online Access Request System (OARS). Check Request Status Note If you know the request number, you can lookup its status using the Search and skip the remaining steps. Click In Progress. Click the applicable section. Note The In Progress Requests page is divided into four sections:
This document details the steps for using the OARS System Request option to request a new RDA or to modify or delete an existing RDA.
Secondary security limits the access provided with a role to a specified value, or ranges of values, such as Department ID, Academic Program, or Career. When you select a role that has secondary security and click Submit for Authorization, the Select Secondary Securities page appears and needs to be completed to finish the request. You can also request only secondary security, apart from a specific role, for an individual. This would be done when the person’s secondary security needs to change.
Navigation Access the Online Access Request System (OARS). Search OARS The Search field in OARS allows you to Search All or select one of the following options from the drop-down menu: