New Google Hangouts Chat / Meet features

Google Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Chat, including Hangouts Meet, is the new version of Google Hangouts at U-M found in Gmail. Messaging in Hangouts Chat and video calls in Hangouts Meet operate together seamlessly. See how Google Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet work (01:30). This chart outlines how the new Google Hangouts Chat at U-M improves on classic Hangouts.

Note: Google Hangouts Chat is currently not enabled in U-M Google. It is being improved by Google, and we will make it available as soon as key features are incorporated. According to Google, Chat will officially replace classic Hangouts no sooner than late 2020.

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New Google Hangouts Chat and Meet at U-M compared with classic Hangouts

Classic Google Hangouts

New Google Hangouts Chat / Meet (Same feature Same feature, Yes + Improvements and new features, Missing feature Missing feature), web app, in Gmail.

Same feature,, web apps, will be in Gmail.

Hangouts is a Google at U-M Core Service.

Same feature Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet are Google at U-M Core Services.

Mobile friendly Improvements and new features + Mobile friendly, with some improvements
Classic Google Hangouts New Google Hangouts Chat / Meet
1:1 and group conversations Same feature 1:1 and group conversations

External Participants

Missing feature Google has said there will be guest access soon. See Chatting with external users and Chat and classic Hangouts interoperability for external collaboration.
Up to 150 chat participants. Improvements and new features + Up to 8,000 chat participants.

Search Hangouts history in Gmail.

Improvements and new features + Search within Hangouts Chat includes filter by sender and attachment.


Improvements and new features + Rooms provide additional group messaging options (Rooms vs. Group messages).


Improvements and new features + Threads allow separate conversations with the same people. Follow / mute Threads.


Improvements and new features + Use Bots to automate processes. E.g. Meet, a Google scheduling assistant.


Improvements and new features + Access Drive from within Chat to attach files.


Improvements and new features + Attached Google Drive Files become viewable to everyone in the Room.

Classic Google Hangouts New Google Hangouts Chat / Meet
1:1 and group video calls. Same feature 1:1 and group video calls.

External participants through meeting link.

Same feature External participants through meeting link.
Text chat during meetings. Same feature Text chat during meetings.

Present documents or the entire screen.

Same feature Present documents or the entire screen.

Up to 25 video call participants. Improvements and new features Up to 50 video call participants.
Schedule a meeting within Google Calendar. Improvements and new features Schedule a meeting within Google Calendar, or in Hangouts Chat using Meet Bot.
Dial-out to phone for meetings. Improvements and new features Dial-out to phone for a meeting, Dial-into a meeting with a phone.
  Improvements and new features On mobile devices view high-resolution content and pinch-to-zoom.

For more information, visit Google’s documentation for their new Hangouts Meet and Chat:

Last Updated: 
Thursday, July 5, 2018