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Google Chat and Google Meet are the new versions of classic Google Hangouts at U-M. Team-based messaging in Google Chat and videoconferencing in Google Meet operate together seamlessly. Learn more about how Google Chat and Google Meet work together (01:30). You can also learn more about other workstream collaboration tools at U-M. This document provides a chart that outlines how Google Chat and Meet compare to classic Google Hangouts.

Chat and Meet vs. Classic Hangouts

This chart outlines how Google Chat and Google Meet compare to classic Google Hangouts.

Classic Google Hangouts Google Chat/Google Meet

Access via and Gmail (no longer accessible as the service is retired)

Access via, Gmail, and mobile apps.

Mobile-friendly Mobile-friendly
Classic Google Hangouts Google Chat
Direct messages and group conversations Direct messages, group conversations, and spaces

Allowed external participants

While you can add external users to spaces and direct messages, you cannot include external users in group conversations. Refer to Chatting with external users and About spaces and group conversations for more information on external collaboration.
Up to 150 chat participants in a group conversation

Up to 400 participants in group conversations and up to 50,000 participants in spaces.

Hangouts history was searchable in Gmail

Chat direct messages, conversations, and spaces are searchable in Gmail when the "Chat" section is open.

No workstream collaboration feature

Chat spaces provide additional group messaging options with interoperability with several Google services like Drive and Tasks. (About spaces and group conversations)
Classic Google Hangouts Google Meet
Allowed for 1:1 and group video calls 1:1 and group videoconferencing

External participants allowed

External participants allowed
Text chat during meetings In-meeting chat

Screen share

Screen share

Up to 25 video call participants.

Up to 100 video call participants.

Schedule a meeting within Google Calendar.  Schedule a meeting within Google Calendar or in Google Chat
Dial out to phone for meetings. Dial out to or into phone for a meeting

For more information, visit Google’s documentation for their new Google Meet and Google Chat:

U-M Google documentation:

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Tuesday, August 22, 2023