This abbreviated guide to accessibility in Zoom can help you prepare your online classes for the next semester. The original Zoom Accessibility Checklist is provided by U-M Academic Innovation and should be referenced for further details and how-tos on each point.
Note: In general, we have found that Firefox is the best browser to use with Google Apps and Dragon.
Recommendations for making your digital sign(s) accessible to all users.
Some areas of the 2021 updated Fluid Wolverine Access Timesheet may present accessibility barriers. The updated timesheet is keyboard accessible, and an “Accessibility Layout” profile setting can be enabled to make labels available for screen reader users. Follow the steps below to activate this mode.
Overview There are three captioning/transcription tools that should be considered when using Zoom meetings and webinars. Based on your specific need, this guide can assist with the process of finding the right tool for your audience. The transcription tools include: