Cisco Unity: Overview of Voice Mail

Voice Mail

U-M Dearborn has transitioned to Cisco Unity in March 2016. U-M Flint will be transitioning from the current Exchange Voicemail service to Cisco Unity Voicemail Service in March 2017. Below are instructions on how to get started with your new voicemail service and information regarding who you should contact for support.

Voicemails currently housed in the Exchange Voicemail Service will only be available for 60 days after the move date. If you have voicemails that you would like to retain beyond that date, please forward them to email using the following instructions:

  1. Instructions on how to access your Exchange Voicemail Mailbox can be found at If you do not remember your password, please contact the appropriate Support team below to have it reset.

  2. In your Exchange Voicemail Inbox, highlight the message you want to forward.

  3. In the message, select the FORWARD option.

  4. Enter the Email Address you want to forward the voicemail message to and click on Send.

Important:Multiple email addresses can be included on the "To:" line.

Important:The incoming fax and speech-to-text features are not offered in Cisco Unity.

Cisco Unity Voice Mail First Time Setup

To Configure Cisco Unity:

Step 1: Press the Message button - select option 2 or Visual Voicemail

Step 2: Enter your temporary PIN provided by ITS.

Step 3: Follow the system instructions for the following:

  • Record your name

  • Set up a new PIN

  • Record your greeting

  • Wait until you hear "You have finished enrollment" before hanging up the phone

How to Guides for Cisco Unity Connection Web Inbox

Text guides

Video guides

Note: If the system asks you for your user ID it is your 10-digit telephone.

Access Cisco Unity Connection Web Inbox

The features that are available with the automated phone system, and for your desk phone, are also available on the web! The web application play button that allows you to listen to your messages (.wav) is supported by Firefox and Chrome.

Note:  To log into the Web application for the first time, please use Internet Explorer or Firefox so that the system will prompt you to change your web password.  Do not use Chrome.

Step 1:  Go to the Cisco Unity Connection Web Inbox page:  (Copy & Paste into your browser)



Step 2:  Enter your 10-digit phone number in the username field and the password sent to you via email.

Step 3:  Select Sign in.

How to Access Cisco Unity from a Non-University Number

Step 1: Dial 313-583-6767 from Dearborn or 810-424-5353 from Flint to access Cisco Unity Voicemail.

Step 2: Select the asterisk (*) key once the Cisco Unity greeting starts.

Step 3: Enter ID. This will be your 10-digit phone number.

Step 4: Enter PIN. This will be your 6-digit identification number for accessing your mailbox on the phone.

Cisco Unity Mailbox Size Quota

The Cisco Unity voice mailbox quota is 50MB.

The Cisco Unity Voicemail Server notifies users by email when their voice mailbox is nearing (or exceeds) the 50MB storage limit. If you need assistance in accessing the Cisco Unity voicemail mailbox to delete messages, and free up space in your mailbox, contact Support listed below for assistance. However, please note that deleting messages on your phone, will automatically remove them from the Cisco Unity Connection Web inbox.

If the mailbox is still over quota after 30 days, the voice mailbox will be removed, voicemail configurations will be modified, and the monthly charge will end at that time.

If the user contacts Support to have the voice mailbox rebuilt after it has been removed, the department ID manager or proxy will need to submit a request to install a new voice mailbox. One-time charges will apply.


Cisco Unity - Flint

Cisco Unity - Dearborn

Microsoft Exchange - Ann Arbor

Contact the ITS Infrastructure Telecommunications Analysts for assistance

Phone:  734-76(3-2000)


Contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance

Phone:  313-593-HELP (4357)


Contact the ITS Infrastructure Telecommunications Analysts for assistance

Phone:  734-76(3-2000)


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