Voice Mail U-M Dearborn has transitioned to Cisco Unity in March 2016. U-M Flint will be transitioning from the current Exchange Voicemail service to Cisco Unity Voicemail Service in March 2017. Below are instructions on how to get started with your new voicemail service and information regarding who you should contact for support.
The University Telephone Services Metrics Dashboard provides university and departmental voice system and usage data. Campus is able to see the overall university metrics for this service, and unit facilities, financial, and IT leaders have the ability to drill down into departmental data. Navigating the Dashboard The Telephone Metrics Dashboard provides information about the types of calls, number of active phone lines, voice traffic by time of day, and total number of active lines at the university.
Overview This document provides information on obtaining, using, moving or cancelling authorization codes (authcode). A personal authcode is specifically assigned to you and must be kept confidential. This ensures that billing for all calls is personalized, secure, and authorized. To request an authorization code, have your department ID manager (or proxy) place an order on the Online Service Center.
Overview This explains how to use a basic telephone. Call Forward To Forward Calls Press access code *96, at special dial tone, dial the 5-digit station number, and receive confirmation tone. To Deactivate Dial access code *97, hear confirmation tone.
Overview This document reviews information and features for Centrex phones. Voice Messages on Centrex Phones
The following models are discontinued by ITS, but are still in use on campus. M5208 Meridian 8 Button w/Display M5316 Meridian 16 Button Spkr w/Display M5216 Meridian 16 Button ACD Set w/Display
Overview Inbound Caller ID is available on most administrative telephone lines on the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor campus. There is no additional charge for this service. Note: This may not be available to some units who receive their telephone service from a departmental system or who are located off-campus. Using Inbound Caller ID requires either a Caller ID telephone or Caller ID display box.  Many telephones purchased through ITS have Caller ID displays.
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