Installing Zoom on Your Device

ITS recommends installing the Zoom application on your device prior to using Zoom for the first time for the best experience.

To install Zoom on your device, determine which type of device you have and follow the corresponding instructions:

MiWorkspace Computer

If your computer is managed by MiWorkspace, you can download Zoom from the Software Center (Windows/PC) or Managed Software Center (Mac).

Note: If your device is managed by HITS, Core Image PCs have the Zoom desktop app already installed. For additional assistance, contact the Michigan Medicine Help Center

Personal Computer (Windows, Mac, Linux)

To install Zoom on a computer that is not managed by MiWorkspace, download the Zoom desktop client from the Zoom website.

iOS Device (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

Zoom can be installed from the Apple App Store.

Android Device

Zoom can be installed from Google Play.

    Last Updated: 
    Tuesday, May 23, 2023