Canvas Public Announcements

Thank you for your inquiry regarding posting a public announcement (or "banner") on the Canvas Dashboard. Please refer to the following guidelines when composing your announcement and submitting your request. We will review and respond to your request as quickly as possible.


  • Think of the Canvas Dashboard as an extension of the classroom. Announcements should be directly related to Canvas, digital learning systems, or of broad academic interest to the university community.  
  • Announcements can be submitted by UM-affiliated groups including student, staff and faculty organizations.
  • Announcements of a commercial nature are not allowed—no "sales" or vendor products will be considered.

Submit a Request

Send requests via email to

Please include the following information:

  • Preferred text and graphics (subject to editing). Graphics must be exactly 550 pixels wide by 170 pixels high, with a resolution of 96 DPI, and be formatted as either JPEG or PNG.
  • URL the graphic should link to for more information.
  • Desired posting and close dates for your requested announcements. Within the constraints listed below, we will try to post your announcement for the requested time span.

Please Note

  • There is a minimum 3 business day lead time for requested announcements.  
  • The actual length of time an announcement is posted will be determined by the backlog of other messages and the relevance of the material being posted over time.
  • Approximately 3-4 announcements are posted to the Canvas Dashboard carousel at any given time.
  • Space and time constraints prevent us from accepting every request to post a message on the Canvas Dashboard so requests are considered and evaluated on an individual basis.  
  • Depending on complexity of the proposed announcement, an ITS Teaching & Learning consultant may work with you to review a test posting of your announcement.
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Friday, June 8, 2018