MiWorkspace: Upgrade a Windows Operating System

Operating system (OS) updates are available via Software Center Applications. Follow the steps below to upgrade to the latest OS.

  1. Prior to installing the new OS:
    • Set aside at least 90 minutes for the installation to run. You won’t be able to use your computer until the upgrade is finished.
    • Plug in your computer to a power source.
    • Connect your computer to a network (preferably U-M hard wired or the MWireless network).
  2. Once you are ready to begin, click the MiWorkspace icon in the system tray.

    MiWorkspace Helper App Icon on the Notification bar

  1. Click Software Center.
  2. Click Applications and select Windows 10 1709 Upgrade.
    • Note: You can type “Windows” in the search bar at the top right to narrow your choices if you are having a hard time finding the upgrade.
    • Note: If you don’t see the upgrade, you might not have enough drive space available. Please contact the Service Center.
  3. Click Install to start the upgrade.
  4. Click Next on the “Welcome to the Windows 10 1709 Upgrade” window that pops up.
  5. The software will check that your computer has enough space and memory and that it is plugged in.
  6. Click Next when the checks have completed successfully.
  7. Click Start Upgrade on the “Ready to Upgrade” window.
  8. After the update is installed, your computer will restart. Login normally when prompted.



Last Updated: 
Tuesday, December 11, 2018