Desktop Backup: Supporting and Troubleshooting information has been moved to the following documentation page: http://documentation.its.umich.edu/node/346.  
Filter reporting data and create custom view.
Use your computer to send documents to nearby printers or to networked printers across campus. 
Managed Software Center will automatically launch weekly in order to provide available updates. You may also launch Managed Software Center to install new software or to manually check for updates at any time.
Software Center is a Microsoft operating system tool used to manage the installation and updates of software for MiWorkspace Windows devices.
Office 2016 overview of changes
This step-by-step procedure is designed for ITS Neighborhood IT and describes how to create a Request in ServiceNow from a Catalog order for MiWorkspace onboarding.
This step-by-step procedure is designed for ITS Service Center staff and describes how to create a Request from an Incident in ServiceNow for MiWorkspace onboarding.
Print Account Anyone with an MCommunity role as Student, Faculty, Staff, or Sponsored Affiliate can request an MPrint account for themselves, a single user, or a valid MCommunity group. Alumni and Retirees must first request access. For example, you might request an account if you are: