MiWorkspace: Upgrade a Mac Operating System

Operating system (OS) updates are available through the Managed Software Center as an optional upgrade. Follow the steps below to upgrade to the latest OS.

Note: Verify that you have opened the Managed Software Center and not the App Store.

  1. Prior to installing the new OS:
    • Set aside at least an hour for the installation to run. Your computer will be unavailable during the installation period.
    • Install all pending updates available in the Managed Software Center.
    • Plug in your computer to a power source.
    • Connect your computer to a wired internet network (recommended).
    • Make sure your hard drive has 10GB of free space available.
  2. Click the block M in the menu bar to access university and MiWorkspace-specific resources.
  3. Click Managed Software Center.
  4. Click Software and select the desired OS X version.
  5. Click Updates and select Update All. You will be prompted to log out to begin installation.
  6. Your computer will restart after several minutes. Enter your password, if prompted, to continue installation.


    • After the update is installed, your computer will reboot. Login normally when prompted.
    • Please ignore prompts from PaperCut or CrashPlan indicating that you need to install a Java SE 6 runtime.
    • The Managed Software Center will launch after you login and may run for an extended time to load the OS X updates for installed applications. It is important you install all updates offered. (logout will be required).
Last Updated: 
Thursday, April 11, 2019