New Google Sites Overview of Changes

New Sites Features

Add a custom favicon

You can now customize your favicon—the icon which appears in a browser tab or bookmark list—to match your site. Select the vertical ellipses located to the left of the Publish button and choose Add favicon.

New Google Sites Favicon Walk-through [GIF]

Embed a webpage, HTML, or Javascript

Google has now added the ability to embed an entire webpage as an iframe in a new Google Site. This allows you to pull in content from other websites and Google tools like Apps Script and Data Studio. Select Embed from the Insert menu and choose By URL.

New Google Sites Embed from the Web pop-up

Note: Embedding a webpage only works if the site allows it to be embedded. Otherwise, only a link to the webpage is inserted.

Additionally, you can embed HTML or Javascript code directly into your Site. To embed your code, select Embed from the Insert menu and choose Embed Code.

New Google Sites Embed HTML Walk-through [GIF]

Publish to a specific audience

Google allows you to choose exactly who can view your content in the new Google Sites. To publish your site for a specific audience, select Share with others and change Published settings to Specific people can view when published. Next, add the individuals you want in the Invite people box and select Can view published.

New Google Sites header with red box around 'Share with others' button

Expanded page hierarchy

It’s now possible to nest five levels of pages, up from the two levels previously allowed. To nest a page within a page, drag and drop it into your desired location from the Pages menu on the right side of your screen.

New Google Sites nesting pages walk-through [GIF]

Did You Know?

The following are some features, tips and tricks that are newly enhanced in the New Google Sites. Check them out!

Map your site to a custom URL

Now you can have a friendlier, easier-to-remember, URL for your new Google sites. Find out how to request a custom URL for Google Sites.

Add a sitewide footer

To add a footer, simply scroll to the bottom of your page and click Add Footer. This same footer will then appear across all of the pages on your site. To hide the footer on a single page, click the eye icon in the bottom left corner of the text box. If you then want to create a custom footer for that page only, you can create a new section (not using the “Add Footer” functionality) at the bottom of the page.

Google New Sites add sitewide footer walk-through [GIF]

Search easier and faster

Users can simply click the magnifying glass in the top right corner of their screen and search across an entire site.

Arrow pointing to search icon at top of New Google Sites

Example of New Google Sites search results

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Monday, October 15, 2018